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Rockstar singer Chintan Bakiwala receives Face of India Achievers Award 2023 by the hands of Mahima Chowdhary

Mumbai. The grand ceremony of Face of India Achievers Award (Season One) concluded at Mukti Auditorium. In this event, persons associated with various fields were honored for their remarkable works. People associated with TV and films were the center of attraction in the award show. Actress Mahima Chowdhary received the Face of India Achievers Award, Rockstar singer Chintan Bakiwala was given in this event, many veteran artists like actor Mukesh Rishi, actress Poonam Jhawar, Riva Chowdhary, Bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterjee, musician Dilip Sen and comedian Sunil Pal were awarded. Along with this, these celebrity artists honored emerging artists, social workers, businessmen with their own hands by giving trophies. Apart from these, Kathak dancer Aparna Rao, Shilpa Gandhi, Shelli Mitra, Sajid Khan, Mangesh Wagdhale, producer director KC Bokadia, Mustafa Yusufali Gom, actor Rohit Raj, actor Brijgopal, producer Mohan Nadar, Gajendra Srivastava, advocate Vikram Singh, Sanjay Singh ( Creative Editor), Vastu Expert Basant Rai Wasia, Mahendra Srivastava, Nikesh Tarachand Shah Jain, Anita Sisodia (Director, Kritika Films Production), Gujarati Star Kiran Acharya, Yogendra Srivastava, Yunus M Pathan (Garment Exporter) also received the Face of India Achievers Award. received.

Many actors and actresses, singers, filmmakers, musicians, politicians and philanthropists were included in the category of award winners.

The award show was sponsored by Khalid Khan (SKK Builder & Developer), Mukesh Gupta (Tirupati Balaji Media), co sponsored by Babu Bhai Patel (Sitaram Infraproject Pvt Ltd) and Dharmdas Ramani (Dwarika Family Park).

Tanmay Sen Gupta (Bins Entertainment) and Puneet Khare (Proprietor of Mayuri Media Works) successfully organized the event.

On this occasion, Mahima Chowdhary wished and encouraged all the dignitaries. Actor Mukesh Rishi said that behind every award there is a thought and hard work. Artists keep improving their art because their art will definitely be honored one day. In the program, organizer Tanmay Sen Gupta and senior film publicist Puneet Khare thanked the celebrity artists and said that you all enhanced the dignity of this award show. Budding artists, show your art from the heart so that we can always honor you. Sunil Pal made everyone happy by doing mimicry on the stage.

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Rockstar singer Chintan Bakiwala receives Face of India Achievers Award 2023 by the hands of Mahima Chowdhary