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SANATAN WORLD Youtube Channel Is Not Made Only For A Particular Class But It Is For The Entire Human Race Beyond The Limits Of Any Particular Class

‘Sanatan World’ YouTube channel is a source and source full of the basic elements and essence of Satya Sanatan Hindu religion. True Sanatan Hinduism is a thousands of years old religion which is also known as Hinduism, this religion is vast and eternal. Which includes religion, devotion, knowledge and renunciation. The essence of unity is in diversity.

The entire family of SK Tiwari and his ancestors have been propagating and expanding this Sanatan Dharma for many generations and in the future too, their family will continue to spread the light of true Sanatan Hindu Dharma in this Kaliyugi world without any fear. To spread the flag of true Sanatan Hindu religion to the masses and to awaken the flame

of Sanatan not only in India but in the whole world, SK Tiwari is spreading it to the masses through his ‘Sanatan World’ YouTube channel.’Sanatan World’ is very vast, it includes Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Upvedas, Vedangas, policies, Shastras, Upashastras, Aranyakas, Samhita, epics, Srimad Bhagavad Geeta, Devi Bhagavad, philosophy, traditions and rituals etc.

The expanse of Satya Sanatan Hindu religion is so vast that it would be rare for a human being to read and understand this religion and all its religious texts in one lifetime. Also, in this era of modernity, people are short of time and some have moved away from it due to the influence of Kalyugi. In such a time, SK Tiwari is trying to simplify the aspects related  to the complete truth of Sanatan Hindu religion, the basics of Vedas, Puranas, Shastras, Upanishads etc. through music and reach it to the Sanatani people all over the world through his ‘Sanatan World’ YouTube channel. Doing good work.

There is only one strong desire behind this work that the true Sanatan Hindu religion should be propagated and the information,  knowledge and good thoughts related to it should reach the people all over the world. This is a selfless work for which SK Tiwari, CEO of ‘Sanatan World’ is willing to donate his entire capital and labour. SK Tiwari is moving forward alone for this work. He has not taken anyone’s help or donation. It is not a means to achieve any commercial objective. SK Tiwari’s ancestors have dedicated their lives to spreading the true Sanatan Hindu religion for many generations. SK Tiwari is a follower of Satya Sanatan Hindu religion and an admirer and propagator of Satya Sanatan Hindu religion.

‘Sanatan World’ youTube channel is not made only for a particular class but it is for the entire human race beyond the limits of any particular class.

Music is such a medium which passes through our ears and enters our heart and gets absorbed in our mind. Therefore, SK Tiwari is doing an excellent job of presenting the basics and details of all the religious texts like Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Vedanga, Geeta, Shastras etc through “Sanatan World” YouTube Channel, along with musical pearls and making them available to the masses in a simple form as soon as possible.

In ‘Sanatan World’ YouTube channel you can find every episode related to Sanatan Dharma. You can give details of the religious information you want to receive through ‘Sanatan World’ YouTube channel. You can write your suggestions through your comments. By sharing, you can pass on this excellent musical knowledge to other members of your family, relatives and friends.In this Kaliyuga, where due to busy schedules people do not have time to read religious texts or watch reels, it would be a better option to show the right path to the people who are going astray and to gain

knowledge and earn virtue in a short time. ‘Sanatan World’ YouTube channel is the heritage of Sanatan Dharma whose doors are open to everyone.’Sanatan World’ YouTube channel is working to convey the complete truth and details of Sanatan Hindu religion to the masses through music.

The inclusion of the sutras ‘Tat Tvam Asi’ and ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ will be found only in ‘Sanatan World’.


SANATAN WORLD Youtube Channel Is Not Made Only For A Particular Class But It Is For The Entire Human Race Beyond The Limits Of Any Particular Class

Actress Poonam Chopra Has Performed In Many National & International Shows, Films And Webseries

Actress and dancer Poonam Chopra is giving her best performance in Bollywood as well as Bhojpuri industry.  She has become a new rising star through her dance shows at national and international level.  She has presented her show in many cities like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Sri Lanka, Australia, Singapore.  Her  dance mentor is choreographer Ganesh Acharya. She has expertise in dance categories like Bollywood,  Western and Belly dance etc. She has also given her dance performance in actor Govinda’s dance show.

Her first item song was in the film ‘Run Ban Ka’ with actor Ravi Kishan. After that, Poonam has worked  in many Bhojpuri albums of Bhojpuri producer director Dilip Gulati. Poonam has played the lead role  in Shadab Khan’s webseries ‘Ashleel’. She had an item song and cameo role in the film ‘Careless’. Poonam’s film ‘Ganga Geeta’ is going to be released soon in which she has an item song.

Also a web series is also coming. Poonam has been honored with Dadasaheb Phalke Award and International  Film Festival Award.

She also has item songs in Bhojpuri films ‘Saawariyaan Mohe Rang De’ and ‘Hum Hain Jodi Number One’  in which she got a lot of fame. Poonam has worked in ‘Murder Case’ and T-Series’ music video Teri Tanhaiyan.

Poonam is a big fan of actors Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Pankaj Tripathi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Poonam,  fond of acting and dancing since childhood, is a resident of Mumbai. Apart from being a down to earth person, Poonam is hardworking, dedicated, bubbly and polite. Poonam says that those who are punctual, work hard, practical and move forward with concentration on  their destination without giving up, they definitely succeed.

Poonam says that you should always keep learning, your experience makes you mature. There is no dearth of skills in the world, but instead of comparing with others or copying someone,  one should recognize and expose one’s skills. You should have confidence in your skills. One should not give up after a little struggle.  One should try to move forward and learn new things.


Actress Poonam Chopra Has Performed In Many National & International Shows, Films And Webseries

DCP Expeditions To Exhibit Its Grand Annual Photography Exhibition 2024 I @ Bombay Art Society

From: 19, 20, 21 April 2024

DCP Expeditions to exhibit its Grand Annual Photography Exhibition 2024

at Bombay Art Society, Bandra


The Bombay Art Society

C. Marg, Bandra Reclamation,

Opp. Rang Sharda Hotel

Bandra(West), Mumbai 400 050

Timing: 11am to 7pm.

For more information, kindly check the website

For detailed information, kindly contact:

Dr Caesar Sengupta

DCP Expeditions, India’s one of the fastest growing Photography Training Academy will be exhibiting its 9thGrand Annual Photography Exhibition 2024, on 19th,20th and 21stApril 2024 from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm at Bombay Art Society situated at K. C. Marg, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050.

DCP Expedition’s 9th Grand Annual Photography Exhibition was inaugurated at the Bombay Art Society, Bandra, Mumbai on 19th April at 12:00 noon. Renowned photography Guru, Technical Editor of Smart Photography, Mr Rohinton Mehta inaugurated the occasion with words of great appreciation for the quality of the work by nearing 100 photographers from across the country who are exhibiting their work in the exhibit. The exhibition is open for all till 21st April 2024.

The exhibition carries with it a legacy of almost a decade, exhibiting astonishing creative photography by hundreds of photographers from across the country and also, from beyond the country borders. The platform aims at providing the talented photographers an exposure to a wider audience. The imagery involves several genres of photography starting from wildlife, birds, macro, landscapes, astro to travel, streets and food photography.

A total of 200breath taking images by 100 plus professional as well as amateur wildlife, nature, travel and food photographers from across India and abroad, will be displayed in two galleries.Photographs printed on Epson enhanced Matt papers and beautifully mounted in frames will glorify the galleries of Bombay Art Society for three days. The previous exhibitions conducted in the bygone years had immense success with nearing 5000 footfalls over 3 days. This year, the exhibition is optimistically looking forward towards over 7500 footfalls.

This year the exhibition is supported by industry leaderslike Olympus India, Creative Newtech and PhotoStop by Honeycomb Creative Support Ltd.

For more information, kindly check the website

For detailed information, kindly contact:

Dr Caesar Sengupta

DCP Expeditions To Exhibit Its Grand Annual Photography Exhibition 2024 I @ Bombay Art Society

Finally Wait Is Over As Seductive Romantic Song ‘Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai’ Full Song Is Released!

Finally wait Is over for fans and romantic song enthusiasts as Seductive Romantic Song ‘Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai’ Full Song is Released on Friday 19th April 2024 !

YouTube Link :

The Seductive Romantic Hindi Video Song Album Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai is made under the banner of Shan Se Entertainment & Produced by Shantanu Bhamare. Heart touching Lyrics and Music Composed by  Ankur Ojha, Sung by Ankur Ojha & Pari Thakur.  Male Version is sung by Pranshu Jha. Ankur’s many songs are released on prestigious Zee Music Record Label.

Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai  Stars gorgeous Anna Gavrichkova who was born at Brjansk, Bryanskaya Oblast’, Russia & raised in Moscow, Russia, apart from Model & Actor she practices Yoga very seriously. She participated in several films, one of them is The Kerala Story.  She is full of love for India and wants all people on earth to live in peace and love and is paired opposite Handsome & Multi talented actor Shantanu Bhamare.  This song is being made keeping in mind generation Y & generation Z (typically for age from 18 years to 35 years), though generation X may like it if they have latest test, and they are going with the flow with the current generation.

Posters, Teaser, Audio Version & Audio Streaming was released on an auspicious day Tuesday 9th April 2024 – Gudi Padwa before, since then excited about the song was increased dramatically. Fans and romantic song enthusiasts were eagerly looking forward to the release of Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai full song!

Video shooting of the Song was carried out at Beach House, Madh Island, Mumbai under the Direction of Ravi Sharma, Choreographed by Chetna Singh, Conceptualized by Pooja Basnet, Cinematographed by Ravi Sharma. Still Photography by Tapan Behera and Makeup & Hair Artist Vrushali Tupe ! Ravi Sharma is Director for many prestigious projects like Sanam Teri Kasam / D.O.G /AADESH / Zee Music / T – Series / Mb Music.

For the first time you will see Shantanu in such a Seductive Romantic song. For any Seductive Romantic song there has to be very good understanding and chemistry by co-star which was shown by Anna Gavrichkova, she really got into her character and given her best scenes  in the song, you will find this song Shantanu’s and Anna’s chemistry looks very natural as if they know each other since long.

Other than video format it’s already released on all the audio streaming platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Wynk, JioSaavn, YouTube Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Gana, Spotify, Hungama Music, Resso, SoundCloud, Tidal, Deezer, etc.  along with Caller Tunes for all the Telecom Operators. As well as it will be released on various OTTs like Hungama Music, Hungama Play, Hungama, OnePlus TV, MI Led TV, Tata Play Music, HeftyVerse, TCL, Amazon FireTV Stick, Airtel Digital TV, etc.

Producer of the Song Shantanu Bhamare is committed to do enough marketing & promotion of the song to get minimum 3 million views for wide reach ! He believes that every producer should invest equal amount of money required to producer the song for marketing and promotion as well to reach it to millions of people. As ‘Jo Dikhta Hai, Wo Bikta Hai’.

Shantanu’s journey began in 2013 when he made his first appearance on the big screen in Suniel Shetty’s film ‘Enemmy’ (2013). Over the years, Shantanu has consistently showcased his acting talent in several notable projects, including ‘Mantra’ (2017), ‘Dosti Ke Side Effects’ (2019), ‘Jhalki’ (2019) and ‘Collar Bomb’ (2021). Shantanu is well known for his significant role of a Jailer in ‘Fire Of Love RED’ Hindi Feature Film against famous Kamlesh Sawant Ji (Drishyam fame worked with Ajay Devgan, Bhoothnath Returns worked with Amitabh Bachchan, Force, etc.).

Venturing beyond traditional cinema, Shantanu is now in discussions for two Hindi Web Series one is Scooter Riston Ka in which he played role of a Groom and another one is Full Marriage, Half Marriage, No Marriage in which he played role of a Vashikaran Baba. Both Hindi Web Series will be either released on prestigious Amazon Prime OTT or Disney Hotstar OTT under banner of ClickTV.

His upcoming Hindi Feature Films are Shaque- The Doubt!, New York to Haridwar, Breaking News, Sorry Mother & Bhagwa. In all of these Hindi Feature Films he is going to play significant various character roles.

As we hear the sentiments from grapevine that this song will reach places and will become super-duper hit seductive romantic song of year 2024, which can easily get 3 millions views !

Finally Wait Is Over As Seductive Romantic Song ‘Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai’ Full Song Is Released!

Rahul Modi Owner Of Sapphire Foods (Manufacturer Of Organic Groceries)

Passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles, Rahul Modi, Owner of “Sapphire Organic Foods” believes in the benefits of organic food for both people and the environment. Driven by ethical and sustainable values, Rahul supports local farmers and promotes fair trade practices. Rahul is working towards reducing the environmental impact of food production and distribution. Rahul says, “Entrepreneurs may be motivated by a desire to make a positive impact on their communities. By providing access to fresh, organic produce and supporting local farmers, they can contribute to the health and well-being of their community members.”

Rahul started organic groceries business as he believes that this business can also be a platform for educating consumers about the benefits of organic farming practices, the importance of sustainable agriculture, and the impact of food choices on personal health and the environment.

As per Rahul, “For individuals seeking greater flexibility and autonomy in their work, starting a small-scale organic groceries business can offer the opportunity to create a more balanced lifestyle. They may be able to set their own hours and work directly with suppliers and customers.”

Concerns about the environmental impact of conventional farming practices, such as pesticide use and soil degradation, has motivated Rahul to support organic agriculture by starting a business that promotes organic products. In some areas, access to fresh, high-quality produce may be limited, particularly in urban food deserts or rural communities. Starting an organic groceries business has helped to address this issue by providing residents with access to nutritious food options.

“Our vision extends beyond the walls of our stores, reaching into neighbourhood and homes, where families gather around meals crafted with care and purpose. We see our role as more than just purveyors of groceries; we’re educators, advocates, and catalysts for change, empowering individuals to make informed choices that nourish body, mind, and soul.”

“Together, we’re sowing the seeds of a healthier, more resilient future—one where the bounty of nature is celebrated, not exploited; where every purchase is a vote for sustainability and social responsibility; and where the journey from farm to table is a testament to the transformative power of conscious consumption.”

“Our vision is to cultivate a healthier, more sustainable future by empowering individuals and communities to embrace the goodness of organic living. We envision a world where access to fresh, wholesome organic produce is not only convenient but also enriches lives, nurtures the environment, and fosters a deeper connection to nature and community. Through our commitment to ethical sourcing, transparent practices, and exceptional quality, we aim to inspire conscious consumption and promote holistic well-being. Together, we’re sowing the seeds of change, cultivating abundance, and redefining the way we nourish ourselves and our planet.”

“Our organic grocery business can have a significant and multifaceted impact on society, influencing various aspects such as health and wellness, the environment, local economies, and community well-being.

“Join us on this journey toward abundance, vitality, and harmony with the Earth. Together, we can create a world where organic isn’t just a label—it’s a way of life.”

Rahul has acieved many awards from different organizations. His organization is also listed with London Books of World Record.


Rahul Modi, Sapphire Foods (Manufacturer Of Organic Groceries)

Make The Most Of The Cricket Fever At Hitchki Stadium

~ Guests to experience live screening of all IPL matches coupled with tantalizing cocktails, innovative dishes and thrilling offers across Hitchki outlets ~

India, 16th April, 2024 – As the excitement of the IPL season sweeps the nation, Hitchki, the popular resto-bar chain with outlets across Mumbai, Bangalore, and Nagpur, is taking the IPL viewing experience to the next level with the introduction of its new campaign – Hitchki Stadium. Coupled with the fusion of creative cocktails like Pehchan Kaun, Jab V Met, and Khulla Sand and eclectic dishes like How’s the Josh, Aakhri Pasta and Chicken Dhinchak guests can witness live screening of matches at all Hitchki outlets.

The Hic Wicket League presents an interactive spin-the-wheel contest offering guests the chance to win dhamaka offers. Landing on a ‘Full Toss‘ can let guests enjoy a complimentary Whiskey Sour, while a ‘No Ball‘ lets the winner pick a free chakna to munch on. Scoring a ‘Wide Ball‘ will let guests savour delicious Paneer or Chicken Tikka and hitting a ‘Boundary‘ will win two refreshing Kingfisher Premium Pints. And if luck favours one with a mighty ‘Six,’ they’ll be treated to 6 Gummy Bear Jello Shots, while a ‘Free Hit’ reward one with 15% off their total bill. On the other hand, the Dhoni Chopper offer caters to groups looking to enjoy the live match experience with friends and family. This offer includes 2 beers and a starter for just INR 777, ensuring a memorable and affordable outing for all. Additionally, guests are encouraged to share their experiences on social media platforms by tagging Hitchkiindia and using the hashtag #Hitchki.

We’re excited to spice up the IPL season for our patrons with our irresistible offerings and dhamaka prizes,” says Mr. Aji Nair, Chief Advisor and Consultant at Mirah Hospitality, the parent brand of Hitchki. “At Hitchki, we strive to create unforgettable experiences, and what better way to enjoy the cricket frenzy than with delectable food, signature cocktails, and a chance to win big.”

Echoing this sentiment, Ms Reeti Khowal DGM – Marketing at Mirah Hospitality adds, “Our goal is to offer not just great cocktails and dishes, but also memorable moments that guests will cherish. With the IPL wheel and our delectable offerings, we aim to create a vibrant atmosphere where guests can celebrate their love for cricket in style. We encourage everyone to join us at Hitchki, indulge in our culinary delights, and spin their way to a winning experience!”

Whether one is a die-hard cricket fan or simply seeking a fun night out with friends, Hitchki is the place to be. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate the IPL season with Hitchki’s special offers and giveaways.

For more information and updates, visit Hitchki’s official Instagram page.


Make The Most Of The Cricket Fever At Hitchki Stadium

YELLOW CANVAS 2024 A Children’s Art Exhibition At Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery

From: 12th to 14th April 2024


A Children’s Art Exhibition


Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery

Bajaj Bhavan, Ground Floor,

226 Jamnalal Bajaj Marg

Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021

Timing: 11am to 7pm.

Contact: +91 9975781972

Yellow Canvas – Children’s Art Exhibition 2024

A non commercial group art exhibition showcasing the works of about 100 school children from preschool to 12th standard have been displayed at Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 from 12th to 14th April, 2024 between 11 am to 7 pm. This is the 4th edition of group art exhibitions coordinated by Mr. Sohan Kumar Choudhary who is himself an artist having passed B.F.A. from Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai. This exhibition is the first of its kind to be held in Mumbai with a participation of about 100 students from Mumbai and other States of India, Singapore, USA, Israel, Germany, Netherland, U.K., U.A.E., Myanmar, Belgium, Hong Kong. Students are exhibiting artworks made in different mediums as in Acrylic, Charcoal, Pen & Ink, Mixed Media, Oil pastel, soft pastel & watercolour etc has been showcased in the exhibition and there will be free entry for this Art exhibition.

This show was inaugurated on 12th April 2024 by Honourable Guests Dolly Thakore –  Indian Theatre Actress, casting director and Media & Communication Personality, Mrs. Manju Lodha  – Chairperson Lodha Foundation, Poet, Philanthropist, Member of Censor Board & Vice President of Maharashtra Hindi Sahitya Akadami, Mr. S. P. Ahuja –  President- All INDIA Anti Terrorist Front Mumbai,  Dr. Soma Ghosh – Classical, Folk & Ghazal Singer, Recipient of the prestigious ‘Padma Shri ‘ Award in 2016, by Indian Government, Dr. Aneel Murarka –  Industrialist & Indian Philanthropist, Mr. Ashwin Bangera – National Promotion Head KOKUYO CAMLIN LTD., Mr. Sooraj Thapar – Actor, has done more than 700 theatre, about 25 TVCs, & more than 75 Television Serials,        Moni Kundu – Social media influencer, Meesha Gupta –  South Asian art consultant & Gallerist (London & Bombay),  Markand Soni –  Actor, Singer & song writer. Has done more than 300 TVCs, 6 Television shows & 3 Movies (Brahmastra – most recent), Varun Buddhadev – Actor, he has won The Best Child Actor Award From The Honourable President Of India For His Film Tulsidas Junior his 3 Films releasing In 2024, Delisha Chutani – Indian Child artist & kids influencer.

Sohan Kumar Choudhary is the founder of Yellow Canvas which is a link between aspiring artists and their educator as well as the prospective art collectors. Sohan Kumar Choudhary conducts many art activities related to art such as Art Classes, Workshops, Art shows, Camps for all age groups etc. thereby promoting the artists to paint in various mediums and imaginations along with the introduction of Indian folk art such as Warli paintings, Madhubani paintings and Gond Art to connect overseas students/children with the nuances of Indian Culture & Art heritage as well as traditional Indian Art in order to encourage young talent.

The participating Students: Aaryansh Modi, Ariha Romin Mehta, Devam Modi, Hetvik Gupta, Ivaan Sancheti, Izyan Haseeb Musani, Tarushi Lodha, Armaana Lodha, Kabir Kurien, Luchkin Leonid, Anvay Shah, Raisha A. Gandhi, Reyansh Nanavaty, Ruhan Sancheti , Smera Sanghvi, Alishka Salecha, Amaira Jalak Desai, Annirudh Karkee, Kimaya Padhye, Partth Partik Jain, Savir Pavan Modi, Yug Ami Anand Pande, Aariv Sanghavi, Anaaya Deep Shah, Burhanuddin Mufaddal Umrethwala,  Hasan Khan, Kriday Garg, Mitansh Nilay Vakharia, Naevah Mehta, Anuriti Singh, Eva Kunal chandawalla, Mahee Kothari, Maishaa K. Patel, Mysha Manoj Jain, Riaana Shah, Satvik Subrotho Rana, Shanaya Kothari, Tanush Jani, Tashi Amit Gorwara, Aarav Jain, Aarya Viral Shah, Aum Desai, Dhyana Kothari, Nathanael Suganth, Nishi Bhavin Shah, Rianna Patel, Rishvika Ankit Solanki, Samaira P. Shah, Sanvi Ashish Khedekar, Shriya Mehta, Viraat Hingu, Vviyaa Ritesh Jain, Aalia Kacheria, Aarav Dave, Aditi Kothari, Ahaan Rishi Mantri, Aisha Kothari, Anaya Meghani, Dravya Vardhan, Kanishk Deshmukh, Nandini Ram Mohan, Nisreen Sanchawala, Swara Yogendra Kokate, Tarasha Tidke, Vivaan Shah, Vyom Goenka, Aamena  Lokhandwala, Anay Aadish Shah, Ayaana Agarwal, Daksh Hiral Jogani, Dhriti  Viral Dave, Dishita Sehgal, Havyn Ankit Parmar, Himnish Kashyap Mehta, Hufriya Cherag Italia, Kahaan Rathi, Owee Vinayak Hendre, Sanjana Viresh Valmiki, Vedika Dodia, Vivaan Siddharth Purav, Vritti Prem Avichal, Aarya Sharma, Dwisha Mehul Maniar, Natasha Kalpesh Rathod, Nithya Sharad Avhad, Nysha Pavan Modi, Riddhima Singh, Vedant Himanshu Ghela, Vyomi Rahul Mehta, Ananya Subrotho Rana, Manav Gorakh, Meghana Bhat, Pritika Shah, Taksh Gagan Kothari, Srisha Mota, Arman Saud, Maanya Parikh.


YELLOW CANVAS 2024  A Children’s Art Exhibition At Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery

Soumi Dutta – Kolkata based Entrepreneur- Founder of Connection_Co

Soumi Dutta – Mrs India Universe 2019 , Kolkata based Entrepreneur- Founder of Connection_Co. She has a make a significant impact in Pageant Industry, With her unique vision and techniques. Starting from 2020 till today she is continuously working for Different pageants & Fashion events as a Grooming expert.

Not only pageants but also in Education and corporate industry she is Working as a personality development coach. This year She has been Awarded As a Best Pageantry Coach and Grooming Expert From Art & Flim Festival of India  international in Delhi on 5 TH April.

Here , also she has groomed 30 participants from all over the world irrespective of age . This Kolkata Based  Fashion Coach was a former Psychologist – Not only brain and beauty- She Has been appreciated For Her Works on Woman Empowerment as well.

Soumi Dutta –  Kolkata based Entrepreneur- Founder of Connection_Co .

Khushi Patel Triumphs As Miss India Worldwide 2022 And Secures Christian Dior Runway Walk In New York

In a monumental achievement, Khushi Patel, a distinguished biomedical student hailing from the United Kingdom, has been crowned the winner of the prestigious Miss India Worldwide 2022 pageant, the longest-running Indian pageant outside the borders of India runs by Dharmatma Saran and his wife Neelam Saran. Khushi’s journey to success has not only showcased her exceptional beauty and grace but has also exemplified her unwavering commitment to excellence and determination.

The Miss India Worldwide pageant stands as a beacon of Indian culture and heritage on the global stage, celebrating the beauty, intelligence, and cultural richness of Indian women worldwide. Khushi Patel’s victory in this esteemed competition is a testament to her remarkable talents, inner strength, and profound dedication to representing her Indian heritage with pride and dignity.

Khushi’s triumph extends beyond the realm of pageantry, as she has been selected to grace the Christian Dior Runway Walk in the vibrant city of New York. This extraordinary opportunity underscores Khushi’s undeniable charisma, poise, and fashion-forward sensibilities, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the global fashion and entertainment industry.

Furthermore, Khushi Patel’s journey to success transcends the boundaries of glamour and fame. Amidst her pageantry endeavors, Khushi has diligently pursued her academic aspirations and successfully completing her medical education. Her relentless pursuit of academic excellence serves as a shining example of perseverance and dedication, inspiring countless individuals around the world to pursue their dreams relentlessly, irrespective of challenges or obstacles along the way.

As an embodiment of grace, intelligence, and cultural pride, Khushi Patel’s remarkable achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring individuals worldwide, resonating with the spirit of resilience, determination, and unwavering perseverance. Her journey from the halls of academia to the glitzy runways of New York epitomizes the limitless potential and boundless opportunities available to those who dare to dream and strive for greatness.

Khushi Patel’s resounding success in both academia and the world of fashion and pageantry symbolizes the convergence of diverse talents, aspirations, and cultural heritage, transcending geographical boundaries and uniting individuals from all walks of life in a celebration of beauty, intellect, and cultural diversity.


Khushi Patel Triumphs As Miss India Worldwide 2022 And Secures Christian Dior Runway Walk In New York

KCF Miss And Mrs India And Nari Shakti Samman 2024 Was Organized Successfully And Grandly

Many Bollywood celebrities including Dilip Sen, Singer Deepa Narayan Jha, BN Tiwari, former ACP Sanjay Patil, Bharti Chhabria attended the function organized by Dr. Krishna Chouhan.

Mumbai.  Dr. Krishna Chouhan, known as the emperor of award functions in Mumbai, organized a grand event of the third season of ‘Miss and Mrs. India and Nari Shakti Samman 2024’ on the occasion of Women’s Day at the Mayor Hall in Andheri West, a famous suburb of the metropolis.  In this award ceremony presented by KCF, those who have done remarkable work of social service and human service were honored.  Along with this, he has given a new direction to the society by excellently displaying his art and personality.

Many celebrities were present in this award ceremony organized by Dr. Krishna Chouhan, among whom the names of musician Dilip Sen, singer Deepa Narayan Jha (wife of Udit Narayan), BN Tiwari, former ACP Sanjay Patil, Bharti Chhabria and actor Ramesh Goyal and Keval Kumar from Media are notable.

The jury members of KCF Miss & Mrs India were Dr Deepa Narayan Jha, Nikki Batra, Dr Dr Bharti Chhabria, Prem Gada and Asanta Naskar Yadav.  The makeup of the models was done by Lata Solanki while the fashion designer was Kusum Gupta.

Krishna Chouhan along with Dilip Sen, ACP Sanjay Patil, Bharti Chhabria, Nikki Batra started the program by lighting the lamp.  Sanjay Patil and Mangesh sang many songs on stage.  The anchor of the program was RJ Jayshree Panwar.  Legendary music director Dilip Sen said that Krishna Chouhan’s courage cannot be praised enough.  He works differently in the world.  My congratulations and best wishes to all the awardees.  Chitra ji also sang a good song.

ACP Sanjay Patil said that the one who respects women is great and Dr. Krishna Chouhan has been doing this great work, many congratulations to him.

Bharti Chhabria said that Krishna Chouhan has been giving Nari Shakti Samman for the last three years.  Through KCF Foundation, he also creates the platform of Miss Mrs. India so that women get a golden opportunity.

Dilip Sen’s wife Reshma Dilip Sen received the first award, after receiving which she thanked Krishna Chouhan. Deepa Narayan Jha expressed gratitude to Krishna Chouhan and said that he respects women and encourages them.  This is his best initiative.  Deepa Narayan was honored by wearing a crown as the brand ambassador and Asanta was also honoured.

Kiara Rawat was declared the winner in the Miss India category.  The first runner up of Miss India was Chitra Devi Jamatia, the second runner up of Miss India was Diya Mandal.

Whereas in the Mrs. India category, Komal Kataria was the winner of Silver Class, Anu Pandit was the winner of Gold Class and Megha Hemdev was the winner of Platinum Class.  Lavina Joseph was the first runner up of Mrs. India.

In all his award ceremonies, along with social workers, businessmen, people associated with the film industry, Dr. Krishna Chouhan also honors many journalists and photographers.

Krishna Chouhan has been working as a director in the film industry for the last two decades.  Along with this, he always remains ahead in social work.  During the Covid period, he not only distributed ration to the needy but the biggest thing was that he also presented Bhagavad Gita to the people.

Let us tell you that Dr. Krishna Chouhan is going to start shooting for his next horror thriller film ‘’ soon.  This film will have music by famous musician Dilip Sen.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Krishna Chouhan is not only a successful Bollywood director, an active social worker but is also considered to be on top in terms of conducting awards functions.  One of his awards functions gets completed and he starts preparing for his next awards ceremony.


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