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IAWA President Dr Daljeet Kaur”s tribute to Late Actor Satish Kaul

IAWA President Dr Daljeet Kaur”s tribute to Late Actor Satish Kaul

Apr 15, 2021

Satish Kaul  who worked in bollywood and tollywood passed away due to Covid-19 on Saturday. The 73-year-old actor breathed his last in Ludhiana. Satish had played the role of Lord Indra in the mythological series Mahabharata. Daljeet kaur President IAWA  Innovative artist welfare association was taking care of him right from the time he was admitted in Rajpura hospital.IAWA ngo helped raise funds for his treatment.

Recently on 24 th march she went to meet Satish kaul in Ludhiana as Satish jee called number of times to meet him.where he complained about his eyesight she helped him with some cash to buy specks and  to show to a Doctor. They spent very good time he was ok .it was only two days back he was not feeling comfortable.Daljeet herself was covid positive asked her friend to help him .

IAWA invited Satish kaul as guest of honour in their event to Mumbai and tried to help him shift in mumbai.But they did not get much support from the industry. From 2015 when he met an accident Daljeet stood by him in all odds . Satya jee a very cooperative lady helped satish jee revive back from bed Soares. she is a big fan of Satish jee and took care of him from last 6 years.


Dr Daljeet says “Met Satish jee on 24 th March in Ludhiana …he told me that he is having  eyes problem and he wanted specks which he could not afford v…so I arranged for him and  and was planning to get his cataract operation bone but when I reached mumbai got positive and quarantine from 1st April rather Satish jee called me after I reached mumbai  to take care as mumbai is hub of covid 19. But see covid took him away from us.”

Innovative Artist Welfare Association in association with Amar Cine Production had organised a virtual Award 2021

Innovative Artist Welfare Association in association with Amar Cine Production had organised a virtual Award 2021

Apr 14, 2021

First time the women of the world were honored together on one stage

The Special Guest of Honour at the event were the great Legendary Singer Anup Jalota Jee ,Pioneer Ad Film Maker Prahlad Kakar Jee and Chandrashekhar Pulsawker Grandson of Saraswati Bai Dadasaheb Phalke who motivated 100 iconic Women of the World 2021.

Nomination were recieved from more than 50 countries with 3000 entries. IAWA wanted to bring out the top 100 Iconic personalities who made their mark in the society. This is in recognition of their outstanding performance in all their endeavours, where a women manifests her legacy and is an Inspiration and Role Model for others.

Women who are at par worked towards their success, reached their goals fighting all hurdles in life. They never gave up in life but managed all their responsibilities. They were the Icons who pursued their dreams despite obstacles. They were focused and found no excuse for their drive-in life.

Notably, Iconic Women don’t wait for perfect moments. However, they start by being a boss of their own self, taking all the risk in life.

Every women has that spirit hidden in them. It requires motivation and firm decision to learn from their own mistakes and make a mark, and a space for themself in society.

IAWA recognized such extra-talented women throughout the world and awarded them with a memento to reminisce and bring all such sucessful women on one Dice to celebrate womenhood with SDP INTERNATIONAL ICONIC WOMEN AWARD 2021.


These SDP Awards are a Noble Tribute to the great lady who worked tremendously hard with her husband Dadasaheb Phalke Ji, the first film maker of India, and father of Indian Cinema, whereas, his wife was left unnoticed even though she worked hard in managing everything as a self-empowered woman. She did not get the recognition she deserved.

Hence, honouring all successful Women with an award in the name of the Great Saraswatibai Dadasaheb Phalke Ji.

—— Munde Media


RAMEN PREET KAUR An Emotional Diva With Golden Heart Winner Of IAWA Women’s Achievers Award SDP

RAMEN PREET KAUR An Emotional Diva With Golden Heart Winner Of  IAWA Women’s Achievers Award SDP

Jan 10, 2021

RAMEN PREET KAUR is a world  famous personality  from Dehradun India,  known for her social activism. She has earned a name for herself by her fine tuned work for the down trodden. Recently, she celebrated the birthday of her late  mother by inaugurating her family foundation   Manbir Kaur Foundation, institute.

in the name of her late mother.

On this day,  Ramenpreet was in the news for distributing 65 chairs to the handicapped on19th Dec 2020.  Ten sports kids were also given wheel chairs,  apart from honouring around fifty citizens for their extraordinary contribution to social and cultural life of the state.

Ramenpreet from childhood loves spreading happiness around and very emotional at heart loves sharing what ever she has with her.She   was in the habit of giving pens and pencils to small kids of her class. And later on, it became the passion of her life, because the  smile she saw in the eyes of these children made her happy and that is a kind of blessings she got from the universe by serving them.

Raman Preet started her career as a school teacher which gave her a peep into the realities of the lives of children from deprived sections of society. Later on, it became a full time passion for her. Now, after her family responsibilities, she spends her entire time interacting with kids from govt or pvt schools located in poor localities.

She is State President of Anapurna Roti Bank, where  birthdays for poor kids are celebrated to share their happiness, she loves stationeries and  books with them on their birthdays.

She motivates and brings our the hidden talent in them and makes sure the best among them gets  all facilities to compete with best students.

She is a regular visitor to the Orphanage and Bridh Ashram where her organization celebrates birthdays of senior citizens and offer them clothes, and blankets etc.

Raman Preet was made State Vice President of National Sports Promotion Organization. She was honoured by International organization Philosophical Poetica for her extraordinary Social Activism. She has received several state, national and international awards in recognition of her social work.


IAWA selected her for the most prestigious award of SaraswatiBai Dadasaheb Phalke’s IAWA Women Achiever Award (WAA) by Amarcine production for her selfless services towards humanity and social services.She said she had aim to start a school for needy and underprivileged children to educate them and make them self depended for their future and in return this will enhance the betterment of the society.

Simple Chhabra Advocate Winner Of Women’s Achievers Award

Simple Chhabra Advocate Winner Of Women’s Achievers Award

Jan 10, 2021

Don’t be cold, Girls are worth more than  Gold!

Simple Chhabra an advocate by profession is from Amritsar  is a passionate Photographer and painter she completed her master in Business Law from Shimla University and PG in Mass Communication, Journalism Diploma from Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar.

Her motto is “Life is hard but it’s upto you to  make it easy” she  is positive about every aspect of life.  She loves nature and expierence each small bit of it as it comes in life.

She always wants to smile as her life was not so easy ,she struggled a lot ,but never give up. She faced challenges while completing her Studies as Lawyer, because still today in many places this profession is not accepted for girls. She took a stand against this man dominating society and started her practice.

After completing her masters in law,she  applied  for a job as professor in many colleges still after a long struggle she could not  get job. She has to face  these challenges as law profession in small cities for girls is not supported. The society thinks Law is meant only for boys.

The worst time she faced when her father who was her support system  got paralytic attack .This was the time when she realised  the truth of life ,true people around her weather friends or relatives.No body supports in tough situations except your own parents.

She motivated herself and gathered all strength leaving behind her dreams became strong pillar for her family. She started taking care of her Dad as well as his business. This was the turning point of her life .She strongly says” if a women realises her true innerself she can do any thing in life “.She now motivates women around her to gather confidence and strength hidden in them and fulfill your dreams with positive attitude and faith in She is working for Domestic violence,save Girl child  and works for women empowerment.

Recently she recieved the most prestigious SaraswatiBai Dadasaheb Phalke  women achiever award  as an Achiever in field of Law and social activist. She was very excited to  share her views with women around the world .


This Pandemic taught us how to change oneself in any situation and move on in life with the change and accept what comes in one’s life .As every change has a reason  in our life.

Saraswati Bai Dada Saheb Phalke (SDP) IAWA Women ACHIEVER AWARD 2020 (WAA) Was Organised By AMARCINE PRODUCTION

Saraswati Bai Dada Saheb Phalke (SDP) IAWA Women ACHIEVER AWARD 2020 (WAA) Was Organised By AMARCINE PRODUCTION

Dec 30, 2020

Saraswati Bai Dada Saheb Phalke (SDP) IAWA Women ACHIEVER AWARD 2020 (WAA) was organised by AMARCINE PRODUCTION successfully  VIRTUALLY ON line.50 plus high profile achiever around the world were present and discussed on women empowerment . The theame of the show was #womenforwomen.

Chief Guest Anup Jalota jee came in his character of  Satya Sai Baba and talk about his upcoming film getting released on 22nd Jan 2021 and said women should get double salary as she is the pillar of the house where in she performs multitasking works to uplife home and society both.

Dr.MI Zargar Patnavi  Director of NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHT SOCIAL JUSTICE spoke as guest speaker and said education is very important for women .If a women is educated she can educate the society. Paramjeet Singhjee the angry man president  of National Akali dal said  women should raise their voice against injustice . Dr Daljeet Kaur founder a multitasking personality founder president of IAWA NGO and a successful actress said women should take a stand for women . Together they can help each other to rise.  Chandreshekhar Pulsawker grandson of Saraswatibai jee was very happy that atlast his grandmother got recognition for her sacrifices where she stood shoulder to shoulder with her husband to make him pioneer film maker. All the 50 successful women out of 300 entries conducted a beautiful webinar and shared their views beautifully on women empowerment.Women of different fields shared the same platform with one voice one mission Women for women.They were qualified Doctors, educationist, social activist, enterpreneurs actress, producer, sports personality, motivational speaker, spiritual Healer ,teachers  from uk usa , Australia, mauratius,Bangladesh, Singapore, Canada, almost covered all states of India right from Manipur to Jammu ,from Himachal to Chennai.

There is a woman behind every man’s success. In Dada Saheb Phalke’s case, it was his wife Saraswatibai Phalke. India’s first film maker would never have been able to make his master piece without the film editing, that his wife did.IAWA took the initiative to award ladies around the world on name of wife of Dada Saheb Phalke , SaraswatiBai DadaSaheb Phalke SDP Women ACHIEVER AWARD 2020 Season 2 .The first season award were given to Kalpana Saroj jee , Bharti Lavekar jee, Salma Agha jee to name a few.  Successful Women who have accomplished their mission in their life, crossing all hurdles, with positive attitude, were being AWARDED with beautiful WAA TROPHY  and certificate of accomplishment.


Interestingly, IAWA NGO INNOVATIVE ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION has been working for women empowerment since last 5 years. Pan India they boosted confidence of women ,nurtured their inner hidden talent, councelled them to raise voice against injustice and with their slogan #ek awaaz ek saath, stop Domestic violence.

Amarcine Production is producing short films and webseries on life of women of today.



Nov 11, 2020

The youngest producer started producing short films at a very young age curating events and award shows. IAWA AWARDS and  IAWA EVENTS all are designed and curated by the upcoming Star Amar with a broader vision graduated in Mass Media He started his own you tube channel for upcoming youth single handedly right from scripting to shooting till final editing and recieved a Silver plate from you tube within 6 months time. Working with multinational companies as creative head in designing curating ad film’s.He has his vision to produce Bollywood films .Life in Bollywood is tough but his vision is strong and positive. Amarcine Production is coming up with webseries for OTT platform in 2021 shooting in different locations of INDIA providing platform to fresh talent.Amarcine organised Saraswati Bai Dada Saheb Phalke award first of its kind to felicitate female actress and technicians to give tribute to the first lady of Bollywood .MOTHER OF HINDI CINEMA.

Bhomechand khaba country head of IAWA INDIA PAGEANTS is hailing from Manipur.He joined IAWA events from 2017 and took part actively in all events of IAWA INDIA .

Iawa has the greatest support from North East specially Assam and Manipur region, talent is vast there. Amrita Bedi, Priya ,Sylvia Adaphro Ashakiran Konsam and konika Khuraijam are active members of IAWA team for all social and cultural activities.


IAWA is supported by JOVEES cosmetics since 2016 in all the events conducted by Amarcineproduction and IAWA NGO.

Niharika Honakeri First Virtual Model for Fashion Lifestyle Magazine 2020

Niharika Honakeri  First Virtual Model for Fashion Lifestyle Magazine 2020

Nov 11, 2020

l am Niharika Honakeri from Dharwad,Karnataka State, 22 years of age BE in Biotechnology . Blessed to be as Born as the first child to My Ever Loving Parents and Have A very loving and caring little Brother. Since my childhood | was always a sincere, hardworking, talented and a curious child wanting to explore other co-curricular activities and have won many prizes in various fields like Dancing, Singing , Painting and also

later on won titles like Miss Fresher , ‘Miss Kumar, for South Zone of an International Organization called JCI and yet another one as Elite Future Star- 2017 | also walked the ramp in a Fashion Show conducted by Ayush Channel…Participated in a flash-mob dance program for awareness on donating blood…Part of some social groups where | participated in Awareness of wearing Helmets and following traffic rules…and Go Green…..My journey so far has been very exciting where | was able to explore my interests and forte .

My Philosophy is © Believe in Yourself and Give Yourself the Love and Time to Grow and Heal . In a world where everything is about competition , one should not forget their originality.

My vision Is to see my country prosper and live in peace . Everyone stay united and fight against the wrong . These may seem like very simple thoughts but when put into action , can have a great impact on/for the country.


Presently is the first Virtual Model for Fashion Lifestyle Magazine 2020 My Aim to have chosen my career , was to help the mankind . It is obvious that where there are humans , there will be diseases and with the current scenario where one has to put efforts just to stay healthy, diseases become an inevitable part of human race. In order to help eradicate such diseases | chose this career . | hope everyone takes their health seriously cause *HEALTH IS WEALTH*



Nov 11, 2020

She was born in a beautiful place called Chittoor, a district of Andhra Pradesh which is the market of grains, peanuts, sugarcane and mangoes. she was brought up in the Metropolitan capital city of Tamil Nadu called “Namma Singara Chennai” which attracts tourism across the globe and also known for its ancient, oldest, living Tamil literature, language and temples. Chennai is surrounded by 2nd largest and longest urban beach called “Marina”.

She had an inspiring childhood with dynamic parents and happy family. Her dad being retired railway employee is no more, leaving behind her lovely mom and benevolent sister thus she took the responsibility as “Man of the House”. she chooses to be independent by excelling in sports, academics and other extracurricular activities since childhood by completing her school life at ICF silver jubilee matriculation higher school being topper and all-rounder as school pupil leader followed by her UG in Vel Tech Engineering College at Avadi with BE (EEE) as major. Thereby she got placed in Infosys on campus at Mysore on being department and college topper of Anna University 2004-2008 batch. Later, on her keen interest in the core subject, applied and entered into our Country’s pride ISRO at Trivandrum, VSSC-THUMBA as GET. Due to family reasons she shifted back to Chennai on placement with NPCI as CTS 2010 officer on completing her PG course MBA (HR) in part-time at Madras University. However, her passion towards NDA made her to keep harvesting her dreams into SSB of Indian Army (OTA), IAF (Technical entry), RRB Pilot, Indian Coast Guard. She also gave an attempt by her experience and knowledge in Central Recruitment Competitive Exams such as ACIO, SSC, TNPSC, UPSC, RBI, SBI, LIC. Thus her passion to serve our nation by any smallest means possible thrived her to get into LIC on merit as development officer on an early call. Likewise, she has landed up in LIC, 2nd largest service sector and the mammoth financial sector “Your welfare is our responsibility”.

She is a gregarious person by nature with multi-talented and multi lingual personality with 6 Indian languages known. Her passion lies with learning unknown things that inspires her with a splendid opportunity to explore in the field of Athletics, Games, Aerobics, Zumba, Self-Defense, Swimming, Yoga, Cycling, Marathon, NLP, Reiki Healing Therapy and so on. She loves reading motivational books, Hiking, Trekking, writing thoughts and deeds, Bottle painting, Dancing, Skipping, solving jumble words and puzzles. She has been empowering lives through family and friends support as an individual that gives meaning to her life as a HUMANE. Thus she takes responsibility by participating and associating with social welfare activities such as infant death free nation, hunger free nation, celebrating child birth, providing primary education to the abandon children and employment opportunities to the single, divorced, widow and separated women. For which she has been awarded as a Chapter Leader of 2016, Women’s Achiever Award and Inspiring Award of 2018.

She would like to thank Ms. Daljeet Kaur, President of IAWA who had given a stupendous platform to showcase her talent and skills in IAWA MISS INDIA 2020, a virtual pageant which brought her 3 titles as WINNER OF IAWA QUARANTINE PRINCESS 2020, SECOND RUNNER UP OF IAWA MISS INDIA 2020 AND IAWA MISS CREATIVE 2020.

Thereby adding feathers to her cap by creating social awareness towards domestic violence, cancer awareness, women empowerment and save the child. She would also love to dedicate her 2020 awards to her family, friends, colleagues, well-wishers and to all her beloved people who were with her through the journey of success and joy.

Ashakiran Konsam Popular Queen Of Universe 2020 held by Iawa India

Ashakiran Konsam Popular Queen Of Universe 2020 held by Iawa India

Nov 11, 2020

Mrs Ashakiran konsam Born and brought up at Imphal in Manipur state . She believes life is not a one way traffic and she learned that by helping each other is a key aspect of her life .It took a lot of effort,time,sacrifice and dedication during her challenging times .She didn’t give up …she followed her dreams against various odes times.She wants to define herself as a resilient person.

Ashkiran konsam belong to Manipur (the land of jewels)surrounded by beautiful 9 hillls where one can see a beautiful relationship of brotherhood of hill and valley.

It gives her immense satisfaction that she belong to a place where women has been given a first priority and symbolise a women empowerment where we can see a market run only by women which they profoundly called”ema keithal “with keen interest in health and lifestyle she turned fitness trainer and later into pageantry.this journey paved a platform to portray herself as sociel figure.Herfamily was her strongest support in her life .It is beacause of her husband support she is able to came so far.

As a sociel activist and a freelance fitness trainer/groomer . popular queen of universe 2020 held by. Iawa India ceo Daljeet Kaur. She believe on the ideals “live in the moment “she don’t dwell on the past neither she regrets in her life because she believes everything happens fora reason.She was thankful to IAWA Mrs India for providing a best platform.Her life has changed significantly after unleasing the secret of both mind and body health.


She believes she still have so much to learn to bring more of her individual knowledge, experience and awareness in this role.To change women’s place in the society by giving them more power and better recognition.Her focus is to spread love and respect for healthier relationship and a better future to bring peace and make the world a better place.

Joya Sapam – Winner Of Crown Of IAWA MISS INDIA 2020

Joya Sapam – Winner Of  Crown Of IAWA MISS INDIA 2020

Nov 11, 2020

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.


I am Joya Sapam, from the Jewel City of India, Manipur. Nestled in the slopes of south flowing Sub- Himalayan ranges in the North East of India, Manipur is a beautiful land where mother nature is extra generous in her bounty.

I am a model currently pursuing my Graduation in Arts. 2020 was a turning point in my life, when I decided to take a challenge contrary to what was expected of me i.e.,my decision to participate in a beauty pageant. Because of the support I received from my parents and loved ones,I participated in IAWA MISS INDIA 2020, and won the winning crown of IAWA MISS INDIA 2020.It was the best moment in my life which I’ll cherish forever.

My motto in life is to be inspired, to learn, inspire people and create the best positive impact I can, within and around me.

I believe in the philosophy that experience is everything. Try to experience what life has to offer as much as possible, because your memories are the only thing you can hold to. Live life to its full potential because you’ll get to experience it only once.

My Achievements are:








Outfit partners:Jojo Hmar and Suresh Arubam

Makeup partner:Tondon Laishram

Photography partner:Robin Wangkhem