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Director Rajiv Ruia Is All Set With A Psycho Thriller Movie That Will Give You Goosebumps

After receiving critical and commercial success till now, Rajiv Ruia is back with his psychological thriller X Ray – The Inner Image. As Bollywood gets yet another psychological thriller in the form of X Ray – The Inner Image, produced by Pradeep K Sharma, where it will explore the infinite human psyche. No one knows what goes on inside a person’s head, which is what this spine-chilling film is all about. “Everything looks normal on the surface but might be indulging in delusions beyond imagination”, says Rajiv S Ruia.

The director, who is known for My Friend Ganesha series, has shot the movie in a 7 (seven) camera setup, X Ray a rare occurance in Bollywood. Rajiv S Ruia adds, “I love to emphasize the mental state of the characters in the movie, sometime delusional or unstable. Instead of horror, this film tends to focus on complex relationship with others and with a few twists thrown in, where viewers will be usually in for a surprise or two”

15th Edition Of GLITTER 2019 India’s Most Revered Pre-Festive Wedding And Lifestyle Exhibition

The outset of the annual festive and wedding season is incomplete without the mention of GLITTER, India’s most celebrated Pre-Festive, Wedding and Lifestyle exhibition. The three days exhibition, starting from i.e. 4th October until 6th October 2019 at the Hotel JW Marriott Juhu is all primed up to amaze the fashion city, Mumbai.

For this festive and bridal season, GLITTER has curated a marketplace wherein visitors will get to witness and shop from eclectic set of designers from all over India in Ethnic & Western Couture (prêt-à-porter and made-to-measure); Bridal Trousseau-must-haves for all the brides out there; Fine Jewellery for all occasions; Festive Wear; and Lifestyle Accessories & Art. The offerings of the show not only makes it the most awaited exhibition in the lifestyle segment but a one-stop-shop for everyone’s festive and bridal fashion must haves.


Bulbeer Gandhi, Lifestyle – Event Director, ABEC Exhibitions & Conferences Pvt. Ltd. says “We are really excited about the 15th edition of ‘GLITTER’. The exhibition is a curated marketplace for the premium and emerging innovators of the Lifestyle and Fashion industry. As an organizer we are committed to promote brands with an edge; the attendees are sure to be wowed by the display of unseen collection & ranges, product launches and several exciting offers. For all the fashion lovers, GLITTER is a one-stop shop which will allow you to shop savvy this festive and bridal season, without all the legwork.

The 15th edition of GLITTER houses exceptional names like Vikram Phadnis, Rocky S, Shruti Sancheti, Pria Kataaria Puri, Param Sahib, Fuel Store, Ajay Kumar, Happy Threads, Soshai by Sofi, Charu Jewels, Surana Jewels, Pooja Jewels, to name a few.

Actress Savi Chauhan And Businessman Akhlesh Pandey Honoured by Mumbai Global Club

सावी चौहान और अखिलेश पांडे हुए मुम्बई ग्लोबल क्लब द्वारा सम्मानित

बॉलीवुड में उभरती अभिनेत्री सावी चौहान और व्यवसायी व समाजसेवी अखिलेश पांडे को मुम्बई ग्लोबल क्लब द्वारा अंधेरी स्थित द क्लब में आयोजित फर्स्ट इंडियन स्टार्स अवार्ड समारोह में सम्मानित किया गया। सावी चौहान कुछ नई फिल्मों में अभिनय कर रही हैं वहीं अखिलेश पांडे सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता के रूप में जनमानस के बीच अपनी पहचान बना रहे हैं।

साथ ही इस कार्यक्रम में समाज और देश के लिए सेवारत कई महानुभावों को भी सम्मानित किया गया। क्लब के संस्थापक अध्यक्ष राजकुमार तिवारी ने इस रंगारंग कार्यक्रम का आयोजन किया जिसका उद्देश्य सामाजिक जनजागृति लाना है तथा स्थापित व्यक्तियों के साथ साथ उभरते लोगों को प्रोत्साहित करना है।


आशिकी के हीरो राहुल रॉय इस कार्यक्रम के मुख्य आकर्षण रहे।  चरित्र अभिनेता अंजन श्रीवास्तव और अनुपम श्याम को लाईफ टाईम अचीवमेंट अवार्ड प्रदान किया गया। इनके अलावा अभिनेता विक्रम गोखले, अरूण बक्शी, अली खान, किशोर भानुशाली, के.के. गोस्वामी, हर्षल बजाज और गायक शाहिद माल्या को भी अवार्ड देकर सम्मानित किया गया।

IAWA MS MRS INDIA 2019 Press Meet Hosted By Trumpet Sky Lounge

A colourful press conference of IAWA MS MRS INDIA 2019, was held in Andheri Trumpet Sky Lounge. CEO Daljeet Kaur of IAWA, introduced entire contestants to media.

Daljeet Kaur said “All contestants were taken to Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, so that they could see and experience pain of Cancer themselves, and after returning back in their particular cities, they could spread social awareness about it”.


Next day contestants were taken for photoshoot in Mudh Island, followed by grooming and ramp walk training.

Finale of IAWA MS MRS INDIA 2019, will held on 28th Sept 2019.

Actress Samikssha Batnagar Recreates Magic Of Asha Bhosle And Rafi’s Songs – Isharon Isharon Mein Dil Lene Waale

Being an actor in Bollywood is a big deal and doing double duty as a musician is definitely remarkable! It is an interesting turn of events when an artist in front of the camera shifts their focus to take the mic. Though acting is the main skill an actress possesses, she can also have a soulful voice. Poster Boy and Supermodel fame Actress Samikssha Batnagar is making her waves around the globe with her next action flick. Alongside, she is proved her mettle as a singing sensation. She recreates magic of Mohd Rafi and Asha Bhosle songs from Kashmir Ki Kali starring Shammi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore. Recently Samikssha recorded Cover version of Isharon Isharon mein staring herself. Song released on her YouTube Channel named Samikssha Batnagar. Music by Rishi Singh.


The Queen of smiles is loved for her dance moves and power-packed performances. Now her fan will see her another side. The cover of ‘Isharon isharon mein’ sung by Samikssha could be the best thing to listen tonight. And it could be repeated for few more days. You love with the aspiring work done by her. The video which is already viral on YouTube is being fast shared on Facebook.


Smriti Sinha’s Comeback In Bhojpuri Films With Bang

भोजपुरी फिल्मों में स्मृति सिन्हा की जबरजस्त वापसी की तैयारी।

भोजपुरी फ़िल्म इंडस्ट्री में ऐसा बहुत ही कम बार हुआ है जब कोई एक्ट्रेस लाइम लाइट से दूर होने के बाद जब वापसी कर रही है तब उनकी चर्चाये जोरो पर हो और धमाकेदार वापसी हो रही हो. हम बात कर है  एक्टिंग के पाठशाला और बिंदास चुलबुली अदाकारा स्मृति सिन्हा कि,जो एक बार फिर भोजपुरी फिल्मों में अपनी धमाकेदार वापसी के लिए तैयार है.स्मृति सिन्हा की फ़िल्म ‘भाग खेसारी भाग’ एक नवंबर को रिलीज हो रही है जिसमे स्मृति के साथ खेसारी लाल यादव नजर आएंगे.खेसारी लाल और स्मृति सिन्हा की जोड़ी सुपरहिट जोड़ी रह चुकी है और अब इस जोड़ी को दर्शक एक बार फिर बड़े पर्दे पर देखने वाले है.जे पी स्टार प्रोडक्शन के बैनर तले बनी इस फ़िल्म का निर्देशन प्रेमांशु सिंह ने किया है और फ़िल्म के निर्माता उमा शंकर है.


बात करते है स्मृति सिन्हा कि ‘परवरिश ‘ और लालटेन ‘ की.दोनों फिल्मों में स्मृति सिन्हा के हीरो यश कुमार है, अजय श्रीवास्तव प्रोडक्शन के बैनर तले बनी फिल्म ‘ परवरिश’ के निर्माता अजय श्रीवास्तव और ममता बाधवा है तो वही फ़िल्म को अजय श्रीवास्तव ने डायरेक्ट किया है.इस फ़िल्म की शूटिंग पूरी कर ली गई है.

अब बात करते है फ़िल्म ‘लालटेन’ की तो इस फ़िल्म की शूटिंग इन दिनों गुजरात मे की जा रही है.इस फ़िल्म में यश और स्मृति का लुक काफी आकर्षित करेगा. फ़िल्म को धीरू यादव डायरेक्ट कर रहे है और फ़िल्म के निर्माता सुमन शर्मा है.

DJ Kimi’s Song Pari Hoon Mai Released

While everyone loves to play Garba at the holy festival of Navratri, Dj Kimi released her song “Pari Hoon Main”, it was liked by everyone.

The special thing about this song is that it has been made keeping in mind both Indian and Western music, this song has been shot in Dubai.

Kimi explained that the title of the song “Pari Hoon Main” will inspire all girls because every girl is a fairy to her family.

Kimi belongs to a musical family. Her father, the late Harish Hingu, has been a famous comedian in the Gujarati film industry, since childhood Kimi has loved singing and has also made a good mark in Gujarati people and performed in different cities of India. Also performed in Africa, London, Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, Bahrain. She considers Dj Mitzi of Baroda as her mentor, and it is from her that Kimi learned to play Dj.


Dj Kimi settled in Dubai. Although Kimi had to stay away from music due to some problems in the beginning, Kimi did not give up and remembered that without music, my life was incomplete and today Dj Kimi became Dubai’s number 1 female Dj. Singing was a gift given by God, says kimi’

Kimi got her identity through music. She is one of the top Bollywood’s Female Dj and has got millions of fans.

To express her love for her fans and Hindustan and to meet her people, Dj Kimi is coming to India in Navratri to promote his songs.

Pari Hoon Main – This song is sung by Kimi herself, and is directed by Kenny. This Navratri her fans will get to hear her live.

Promotional tour in India is being organized through Tamanna Events.

———Wasim Siddique  (Fame Media)

Dj किमी – का गाना “परी हूँ मैं” हुआ रिलीज़ ।

नवरात्री के पावन पर्व में जहां सभी गरबा खेलना पसंद करते हैं वहीं Dj किमी ने अपना गाना “परी हूँ मैं” रिलीज़ किया ,जो बहुत पसंद किया जा रहा है

इस गाने की खास बात ये है कि इसमें इंडियन और वेस्टर्न दोनों ही म्यूजिक को ध्यान में रखकर बनाया गया है ,इस गाने की शूटिंग दुबई में की गयी है ।

Kimi ने बताया कि इस गाने का शीर्षक “परी हूँ मैं” सभी लड़कियों को प्रेरित करेगा क्योंकि हर एक लड़की अपने परिवार के लिए परी होती है ।

किमी एक म्यूजिकल फैमिली से ताल्लुक रखती है। उनके पिता स्वर्गीय हरीश हिंगु गुजराती फ़िल्म जगत के मशहूर कॉमेडियन रहे हैं ,बचपन से ही किमी ने सिंगिंग को पसंद किया और गुजराती लोगों में अपनी अच्छी पहचान भी बनाई और इंडिया के अलग अलग शहरों में परफॉर्म भी किया। साथ ही आफ्रिका ,लंदन ,बैंकाक,सिंगापुर,दुबई,बहरीन, में भी शो किये । बड़ोदा के Dj मितज़ी को वो अपना गुरु मानती हैं,और उनसे ही Kimi ने Dj प्ले करना सीखा

इसके बाद क्या था Dj किमी दुबई में जाकर बस गयीं। हालांकि शुरुआत के दौर में कुछ परेशानियों के चलते किमी को म्यूजिक से दूर रहना पड़ा लेकिन किमी ने हार न माना और इस बात को याद रखा की बिना म्यूजिक मेरा जीवन ही नही और आज Dj किमी दुबई की नंबर 1फीमेल Dj बन गयी। गायकी तो भगवान का दिया हुआ उपहार था ही उनके पास तो कभी अपनी गायकी तो कभी नाचने पे मजबूर करने वाला Dj

किमी की पहचान बन गई ।बॉलीवुड की टॉप फीमेल Dj में भी उनका नाम लिया जाता है और इस तरह बन गए किमी के लाखों चाहने वाले ।

अपने फैन्स और हिंदुस्तान के प्रति प्रेम को ज़ाहिर करने और अपने लोगों से मिलने Dj किमी अपने गाने का प्रमोशन करने नवरात्रि में भारत आने वाली हैं। *

परी हूँ मैं*- इस गाने को खुद किमी ने गाया और म्यूजिक भी दिया है ,और इसके डायरेक्टर केनी हैं ।इस नवरात्रि किमी के फैंस किमी को भारत में लाइव सुन पाएंगे ।

इंडिया में प्रमोशनल टूर तमन्ना इवेंट्स के द्वारा किया जा रहा है ।।

Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala Honoured With Best PRO Award At The Bhojpuri Cinema Screen And Stage Awards 2019

The most promising film publicist of the Bhojpuri Film Industry, Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala has been conferred with the Best PRO award function which was held at the Netaji Shubash Indoor Stadium in Kolkata. Sanjay has been felicitated with this prestigious award for his outstanding contribution and phenomenal hard work towards promoting Bhojpuri films.

To put it on records, Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala’s contention was unmatched by far, and he was the unanimous choice for the Best PRO Award by the Bhojpuri Cinema Screen and Stage Awards for the year 2019. An important aspect was that Sanjay was the PRO for most of the films nominated for this year’s illustrious Filmfare Awards Show. It wasn’t surprising that Patiyala was the PRO of almost all of the awarded films at this prestigious Awards Show. His success rate has been unmatched so far as regards to being the most successful Bhojpuri PRO as he has been instrumental towards the success of biggest hits of this year.


“I am overwhelmed with this prestigious award conferred upon me and this is the most happiest moment of my life that my work is being appreciated by the Bhojpuri Cinema Screen & Stage Awards,” mentioned a gleaming Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala who had begun his career in the Entertainment industry as a journalist and then stepping into the sphere of Public Relations. “I express my gratitude to the organizers of this Awards to Shri Vikas Singh Verappan, Ved Tiwariji and Shri Arun Ojha,” he added.

Besides having his hands full working as a PR for the Bhojpuri Film Industry, Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala is also successfully handling the PR of several Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali and films of several other languages. Having being the publicist of over 7,500 films till date, Sanjay also handles the PR of films which have Ravi Kishan, Khesarilal Yadav, Pavan Singh, Rani Chatterji, Pradip Pandey Chintu, Kallu and several other superstars in their leading roles.

Apart from films, Sanjay also handles Celebrity PR Management. He has also been the publicist of several biggies in the  industry like the mega star Ravi Kishan, Manoj Tiwari, Pawan Singh, Khesarilal Yadav, Pradip Pandey Chintu, Yash Kumar, Arvind Akela Kallu, Rani Chatterjee, Akshara Singh, Kajal Raghvani, Gunjan Pant, Priyanka Pandit, Vinod Yadav, Sudeep Pandey, Avdhesh Mishra, Manoj Tiger among others. No wonder Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala is well known as the most successful publicist in the media circles in Mumbai.

Junaid Kaliwala – The First Ifbb Pro From India Smashing The Supplements And Fitness Industry With Its Chain Of Source Is Supplements Stores


Among the distinguished guest celebrities who had turned up to grace the inauguration of the new franchisee of Source of Supplements, a chain stores in the chain of sellers of health supplements and fitness as well as wellness products at Shastri Nagar was Founder Junaid Kaliwala, the first IFBB Pro in India. The first shop is in Borivali and in less than 5 months it is their ninth store, including one each in Silvasa, Banjara Hills at Hyderabad,  Kalyani Nagar Bangalore, Bhavnagar, Mirzapur ,Surat, which sets out to sell the best of the several brands and also has a free home delivery system all over India. Their target is to target 15 stores in rural areas including 2 Tier and 3 Tier cities and sell multiple brands.


The others who graced the occasion were super star Salman Khan’s friend and bodyguard Shera, who proved to be the star attraction at the opening, who cut the ribbon as part of its opening, besides Junaid Kaliwala, the Franchise partners Manoj Patil and Hatim Khan, Rubal Dhankar and Arif Chunawala. Also present at the crowded store , which will remain open for all days in the week , at the time of inauguration were Wahid Bamboowala, Nishay, Pranil Gandhi, Feriha, Akshay Kolhatkar, Shweta Sakharkar, Shebaz, Rutujah Hegshetye, Ajay Pundir, Deepali, Siddhant Jaiswal, Vinayak Patil, Prema Anchan, Vaishali Bohir and last but not the least Arif Chunawala and Director Raj Shah.”It is not a business for me as it is my passion to serve the society and is like giving back to society what it has given me in terms of fitness.”, says Junaid Kaliwala, who is keen on getting Salman Khan to open his showroom in the near future.

——Naghma Khan (Shaaz Media Entertainment)


New Delhi, September 24, 2019: After strenuous auditions and training sessions finally earlier this month the winners for Mrs India – Pride Of Nation were announced. Saloni Bhakri from Maharashtra and Pooja Desai from Gujarat were crowned Mrs India – Pride of Nation 2019 in two different categories. Gunjan Goel and Prathima David were first runner-ups and Deepanjali Mundada and Manya Punyani were the second runner-ups from the respective categories. Besides, there was a zonal segment where Esther Bernard was the Face of South, Shruti Singh was Face of North, Hemlata Sharma was Face of West and Alolika was Face of East.

All the winners recently came together and were treated to a professional photo-shoot and Video shoot. The winners wore the glamorous and elegant collections by the very renowned Sulakshana Monga. The Hair & Makeup was done by Sanam Jain. This was a fun photo-shoot with everyone getting a glimpse of the entertainment industry.


Barkha Nangia, Director – Glamour Gurgaon, said, “After the pageant, this photo-shoot is a stepping stone for all the winners towards their dream. Most of the contestants from previous editions are already living their dreams and are working in the entertainment and fashion industry. Some of them are also contributing to the welfare of society.”

All these winners have already undergone the training programmer under the gaze of the experts and later, the judges. Individual women try their best to present the qualities that this pageant as a concept is associated with. These qualities represent the pinnacle of its version of Indian womanhood at a national level. Barkha further adds, “Mrs India – Pride of Nation is a step towards acknowledging a married woman’s contribution to her family & society and at the same time keeping herself in shape and good health.”

The grand finale was held early in September 2019 at The Leela Ambience Gurgaon. Celebrities like Padmini Kolhapure, the famous Indian film actress and Nayani Dixit, known for her role as Kangana Ranaut’s friend in the movie Queen were the part of the jury panel.

So far, Glamour Gurgaon has organized several beauty pageants and provided a platform for various women to live their dreams. Not only this the pageant supports the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness and has conducted numerous camps to educate and support lesser-blessed women from the lower strata of the economy.