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Aditi Mukherjee’s Journey As An Actress – Model In Mumbai Is Just Beginning, But She Is Poised For Success With Her Talent, Determination, And Passion

Aditi Mukherjee is embarking on a new journey as an actress and model in Mumbai. Originally from Jamshedpur, Aditi hails from a family rooted in Calcutta. With a background in Biotechnology graduating with a B.Tech degree, she has spent several years working in the IT industry. However, fueled by a lifelong passion for acting, Aditi made the move to Mumbai to pursue her dreams in the entertainment industry.

Currently active in the advertising sector in Mumbai, Aditi Mukherjee draws inspiration from acclaimed actors such as Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan, as well as actress Malaika Arora Khan. Eager to establish her own unique identity in the realm of modeling and acting, Aditi underwent classical music training in her formative years and holds a particular fondness for Bengali cinema icons, including Uttam Kumar, Aparna Sen, and Suchitra Sen.

Dabbling in various mediums such as web series, films, and music videos, Aditi aspires to carve out a successful career in the industry. She gravitates towards bubbly and romantic roles, demonstrating her dedication and industrious nature in honing her craft. Beyond her professional pursuits, Aditi finds solace in music, travel, and cinema.

Expressing admiration for the recently released film ‘Lapata Ladies,’ Aditi Mukherjee believes that versatility is key for an artist to flourish, emphasizing the importance of embodying a range of emotions in acting. She aims to connect with audiences through her performances and advocates for resilience in overcoming challenges that women face in all spheres. Emphasizing the values of hard work and self-belief, Aditi encourages individuals to persevere and stay strong even in the face of unexpected obstacles, trusting that their path will reveal itself in due time.


Aditi Mukherjee’s Journey As An Actress – Model In Mumbai Is Just Beginning, But She Is Poised For Success With Her Talent, Determination, And Passion

The Shooting Of Actress And Model Rajni Mehta’s Upcoming Hindi Film BIRHOR Is Almost Completed

The shooting of actress and model Rajni Mehta’s upcoming Hindi film ‘Birhor’ is almost completed. Rajni Mehta’s  first film is the Punjabi film ‘Hawaayen’ in which she was in the second lead. She has played an important role  in the Hindi film ‘Khanjar’ and the South Indian film ‘Tej’. Rajni Mehta is working in films, serials,  webseries, music videos and advertisements. She has worked in both the seasons of the webseries ‘Pagglait ‘ and is also doing many webseries. She has worked in the TV show ‘ Savdhaan India’.

Paneri saree has also been advertised in print. Rajni Mehta is Punjabi but she is from Prayagraj,  Uttar Pradesh and has been working in Mumbai for a long time. Since a young age, she has been doing  modeling and ramp walking in which she was awarded the Best Model. From here, T.Series company offered  him to work in a music album. Rajni started her career with ramp shows. She has worked with many renowned  artists like Manoj Bajpayee, Upasana Singh, Adi Irani, Shiva, Sujail Khan. She has won many honors in ramp shows,  acting and modeling and as a judge, she has also been honored with many honors like Best Model, Best Actress,  Chief Guest Celebrity, Best Performer, Best Woman, Guest of Honor, Dadasaheb. Phalke Fashion Lifestyle Award,  FFF Award, Miss India International etc. She has received the award of the International Human Rights Council  as the chief guest. Has been honored with the Best Actress Award of Maharashtra Award by Maharashtra Prestigious Award.

Rajni Mehta’s strong form will soon be seen in the OTT platform’s reality show Lions Gate Play. Rajni says that  when she becomes capable and earns her name, then she will build houses for the needy people where everything they  need will be available. This house will be for children and elderly people where they will get all the facilities.

This is the basic objective of Rajni’s life. Every person has some dreams, some live their dreams and some are not  able to fulfill them even if they want, in such times it is expected from their children to fulfill their dreams.  Rajni considers her mother as her idol and is making her wish come alive. Rajni likes dancing, horse riding, acting  and traveling to snowy places. Amitabh Bachchan, Nargis, Kajol, Ranbir Kapoor are his favorite actors. Rajni has a  lot of passion for patriotic films and she wants to work in films full of patriotism. The name of Rajni Mehta’s company  is ‘Mehta Film Productions’ in which in future she wants to make films depicting patriotism, social, hard work and bravery of  Indian police and soldiers.

Rajni says that all human beings are the same, there should be no discrimination among them. Everyone should be seen with equal vision.  If you set an objective or choose your destination, you should work hard to reach it. You should not reduce your efforts,

you will definitely get success. If you are not able to reach your destination then you should not be disappointed because  there are many ways to move forward. Just believe in yourself and make your life better. Never consider yourself weak.  Rajni Mehta likes the films of director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. She wants to play a role which is challenging and full of patriotism.

Rajni is calm, sensible and practical. Rajni is working in the industry with great dedication, honesty and dedication.  Her film and web series will be released soon.

The Shooting Of Actress And Model Rajni Mehta’s Upcoming Hindi Film BIRHOR Is Almost Completed

Actress Swinky Is Acting In Films, Webseries, Serials And Albums

Actress Swinky Singh is soon going to work in a new film and webseries. Swinky is a resident of Delhi and she also received her education there. She has advertised for sarees, salwar, jewelery and others in  print advertisements. She also does fashion shows and events. Swinky has been fond of acting since childhood.

After watching the serials, she got influenced by them and she also wanted to enter the acting world.  She especially liked Urvashi Dholakia’s negative character Komalika.

Swinky is acting in films, webseries, serials. She has worked in Hindi and Haryanvi music videos and is working  in many future projects also. She has also worked in short films. She is influenced by the acting of Salman Khan  in Bollywood, KGF star Yash in South cinema, Punjabi singer and actor Gippy Grewal and Diljit Dosanjh.

So among the actresses he likes Priyanka Chopra and Neeru Vaazva. Swinky is fond of travelling, cooking and listening to music.

She is extremely religious and bubbly by nature, cheerful and intelligent. Apart from Hindi, Swinky is also influenced  by Punjabi films. Swinky idolizes her father and is very close to her mother.

Swinky Singh is busy with her upcoming project and says that she should be honest towards her work and work diligently.  Swinky is a believer and does yoga to keep herself fit in daily life. She has unwavering faith in God.

She believes that luck helps you in achieving success but only your hard work, efforts and faith will become the path to your success.

Swinky has mostly played negative roles. She wants to play all types of characters, especially she likes the character of a cheerful  and lively girl. She wants to be a part of South Indian films like KGF. Like the role played by Priyanka Chopra in the film Aitraaz,  Swinky also wants to do a different character. She says that there are many facilities in digital time but some digital platforms and  web series are misleading the family and society. At present, the production of films worth watching with the family is decreasing.

Due to which there has been some distance in the family. Swinky also wants to be a part of films that are family-friendly,  have impactful songs and are full of social message.


Actress Swinky Is Acting In Films, Webseries, Serials And Albums

Actress Poonam Chopra Has Performed In Many National & International Shows, Films And Webseries

Actress and dancer Poonam Chopra is giving her best performance in Bollywood as well as Bhojpuri industry.  She has become a new rising star through her dance shows at national and international level.  She has presented her show in many cities like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Sri Lanka, Australia, Singapore.  Her  dance mentor is choreographer Ganesh Acharya. She has expertise in dance categories like Bollywood,  Western and Belly dance etc. She has also given her dance performance in actor Govinda’s dance show.

Her first item song was in the film ‘Run Ban Ka’ with actor Ravi Kishan. After that, Poonam has worked  in many Bhojpuri albums of Bhojpuri producer director Dilip Gulati. Poonam has played the lead role  in Shadab Khan’s webseries ‘Ashleel’. She had an item song and cameo role in the film ‘Careless’. Poonam’s film ‘Ganga Geeta’ is going to be released soon in which she has an item song.

Also a web series is also coming. Poonam has been honored with Dadasaheb Phalke Award and International  Film Festival Award.

She also has item songs in Bhojpuri films ‘Saawariyaan Mohe Rang De’ and ‘Hum Hain Jodi Number One’  in which she got a lot of fame. Poonam has worked in ‘Murder Case’ and T-Series’ music video Teri Tanhaiyan.

Poonam is a big fan of actors Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Pankaj Tripathi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Poonam,  fond of acting and dancing since childhood, is a resident of Mumbai. Apart from being a down to earth person, Poonam is hardworking, dedicated, bubbly and polite. Poonam says that those who are punctual, work hard, practical and move forward with concentration on  their destination without giving up, they definitely succeed.

Poonam says that you should always keep learning, your experience makes you mature. There is no dearth of skills in the world, but instead of comparing with others or copying someone,  one should recognize and expose one’s skills. You should have confidence in your skills. One should not give up after a little struggle.  One should try to move forward and learn new things.


Actress Poonam Chopra Has Performed In Many National & International Shows, Films And Webseries

Nivedita Chandel Turns Content Creator With Comedy With Her Sister In Law Raking Millions Views

Content Creation seems to be the need of the hour with recently Content Creator Award Being Announced and creator being awarded at the hands of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Nivedita Chandel who already has a plethora of achievements to her hats for being an actress ,entrepreneur and social worker now turns content creator with 1 million followers on Instagram and her comedy content with her sister in law raking in millions .

Nivedita Chandel will be also seen in a Harayanvi song and also a short film which shall be on Hungama channel.

Nivedita Chandel is a well educated professional with an elegant family background who doesn’t fear to experiment new things in her life.

0For Nivedita Chandel nothing seems to be impossible and looks like she do have miles to go in her life and carrer.


Nivedita Chandel Turns Content Creator With Comedy With Her Sister In Law Raking Millions Views

Actress Shraddha Sharma Is A Very Good Dancer, Her Shows Are Held In India And Abroad

Shraddha Rani Sharma is an actress, anchor, dancer and model. She has been an ex-contestant of Bigg Boss 5. Soon she is going to play an important role in a suspense thriller film. Shraddha started her acting career with the serial ‘Sarathi’. She was in the lead role in this. After this he acted in many TV shows and regional films. In which ‘Jeeva’ and ‘Jai Ho’ etc. are there. Her famous TV serial is ‘Har Shaakh Par Ullu Baitha Hai’ on Star TV in which she has made everyone laugh with his comedy.

She has worked in many serials on Sahara One like ‘Suno Har Dil Kuch Kehta Hai’, ‘Comedy Classes’ and ‘Neeli Chhatriwale’. She has worked in advertising films for many big brands including Nerolac, Lysol, Dettol, Martin, Philips, Fiat Tyre, Taj, Country Club etc. Shraddha is a very good dancer, her shows are held in India and abroad. Their shows are held in many cities like New York, Paris, Chicago, Sri Lanka, Dubai. She told that he gets a lot of love and support from her fans in India as well as abroad. Till now she has done more than two hundred shows. She also does many shows and events and has also been honored with many awards. She understands her contestants very well and remains neutral. Understanding all the intricacies of Bigg Boss, she motivates everyone and explains it well.

Shraddha Sharma’s favorite actress is Madhubala. Since childhood, she felt attracted towards films and developed a passion for acting. She told that this is a place where fights happen over small things, mood swings take place and many new experiences are also found. Bigg Boss also understands and gives you tasks. This is your test which strengthens your patience, courage and faith.

Shraddha Sharma told that there have been many changes in the present times. Be it any field, efforts are made to take advantage of women, but if women remain aware, alert and self-reliant, they can face their problems on their own. Shraddha Rani Sharma wants to do such films so that her acting skills reach more and more people and the love of the audience keeps increasing.

She has given a stellar performance in Bigg Boss 5, which gave him a different identity. She enjoyed Bigg Boss Season 17 very much, her  favorite contestant was Vicky Jain. Shraddha Sharma says that Vicky Jain has played this game with great wisdom and balance. Ankita Khandelwal was also her favorite contest. Shraddha told about Salman Khan that Salman Khan is a very kind, loving and good person.


Shraddha Rani Sharma Is An Actress, Anchor, Dancer And Model

Actress Riddhima Tiwari Has The Habit Of Learning At First Sight That Enhances Her Talent

The glow of Mayanagari attracts everyone like a magnet, its attraction cannot be avoided. Since childhood, Riddhima’s passion for acting attracted her to Mumbai. Riddhima was born in a middle class Brahmin family of Ranchi (Jharkhand).  Her family background is also not related to the film industry, but dance, art and excellent acting are innate in Riddhima, she is rich in versatility. She did not need to work hard to hone her skills. It is her habit of learning at first sight that enhances her talent. Riddhima is very self-respecting and dedicated, ever since she grew up she earns money through her own hard work, she does not like to depend on others. She is continuously working in modeling, TV and film industry. She has worked in Crime Patrol, Savdhaan India and many web series like ‘Dahenam, Murder Mystery, Jalebi Bai, Madhosh Diary, Walkman, Kitab Ki Raj, Rajinikanth, Mool Ki Bahu, Crime Alert’.

Apart from this, she has also got the opportunity to work in South Indian films and in future also she wants to work in Hindi, South Indian and other regional films and webseries. She considers actor Rajinikanth as her idol and has a strong desire to work with him. Riddhima likes the concepts of South Indian films that give importance to Indian customs and family. She is also influenced by the innovation and new concepts that have come in Bollywood films in modern times.

As an actress, Riddhima wants to do such a role which becomes an example for the people, which proves to be timeless and she is also striving for this. She believes that a person must have a resolution and a destination and must also work hard and have strong willpower to fulfill it. Riddhima is a happy and very hardworking personality. She likes dancing and travelling. She likes to go to new places and know interesting information related to its nature, history, civilization and customs etc. She like to make new friends and live life to the fullest. Riddhima says that it is important to trust yourself and love yourself, only then you will try hard to make yourself successful and you will be able to achieve success. Riddhima has also got full support from her friends Meet Kaur and Supriya Priyadarshini. Both of them have always encouraged Riddhima.

Yes, sometimes to achieve the destination we have to lose a lot and face struggles but we should never go back by accepting defeat because we may be born poor but we should not spend our entire life in poverty. It is up to us to decide what we want in our life and how to get it. No one is immortal here. Everyone has their own life so it is not fair to kill your dreams for others. Everyone has the right to find happiness in their short life, especially our daughters.


To Make Dreams Come True, You Have To Lose Something: Riddhima Tiwari

Actress Ranjeeta Singh’s Dream Is To Become A Part Of Salman Khan’s Show Bigg Boss

Ranjeeta Singh, who lives in the beautiful valleys of Manali,  is soon going to step into Bollywood in Mayanagari. She was fond of acting since childhood, so after coming to Mumbai, Ranjeeta took acting training from ‘Creating Characters’.  Now she is ready to play her innings of acting. Ranjeeta has modeled for the international magazine ‘Praze’ and HP India.

She has also received an offer from a South Indian film. She likes emotional and adventurous roles very much. She wants  to work in web series, serials and films. She likes to work in music videos.

Ranjeeta’s dream is to become a part of Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss. She wants that if she gets selected in Bigg Boss,  it will be a wonderful pleasure like her dream coming true. Actress Rani Mukherjee is his favorite actress.  Rani Mukherjee’s films ‘Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat’ and ‘Saathiya’ were shot in her hometown Manali, where Ranjeeta  was very impressed after seeing Rani and the thought came in her mind that she too would grow up and become an actress.

Ranjeeta Singh has her own ‘salon’ and is also associated with real estate. She is very fond of book reading, gym, travelling,  cooking and walking. She has traveled across the country and abroad. She has been to foreign countries like Paris, Singapore,  Belgium, Dubai etc. and wants to continue her journey further. Ranjeeta is very religious and she says that there must be a  sense of humanity within a person.

Which is very disappointing. We should not forget our origin and should not compare a person with money but should see  the goodness within him. Be it rich or poor, every person should be treated with equal respect and no one should be insulted or disregarded even by mistake.

Ranjeeta is a down to earth person. She respects her mother and birthplace very much. She considers her mother as her role model.

Like her, Adarsh ​​wants to achieve her destination with patience, dedication, confidence and courage. She has special respect for the culture, clothing, food and beauty of Himachal. Even after coming to Mumbai, Himachal is still in his heart.


Actress Ranjeeta Singh’s Dream Is To Become A Part Of Salman Khan’s Show Bigg Boss

Apart From Acting Ruchika Maheshwari Is Interested In Painting, Dancing, Travelling, Home Decoration, Poetry And Story Writing

Actress Ruchika Maheshwari has won at the national level in Classical Contemporary Dance. Ruchika, a resident of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, received her education in her hometown itself. From here she started modeling, dancing and acting. Ruchika has received many honors from the Madhya Pradesh government. To give a new flight to her dreams, Ruchika came to Mayanagari Mumbai and gave many auditions here.

She was selected for many serials and webseries. Her TV shows were Crime Alert, Nadaniyaan, Adalat, Dil Dosti Dance, Tashan e Ishq and Veera etc. She was also a part of Bombay Time Fashion Week and appeared in the music album ‘I’m Here’. As a model, Ruchika has been honored with many awards. Ruchika is also continuously working in print, magazine and advertising films. A short movie and web series of her is going to be released in the upcoming project.

Ruchika started participating in dance and acting since her school and college days. She also worked in many regional music albums. Ruchika completed her studies, then worked at many places and took air hostess training. Then she came to Mumbai and gave audition and worked in TV shows and web series.

Ruchika’s favorite dancers and actresses are Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi. Apart from acting, Ruchika is interested in painting, dancing, travelling, home decoration, poetry and story writing.

Ruchika considers her mother as her role model. Whenever she was frustrated, her mother strongly supported her and encouraged her. It was her mother’s dream for Ruchika to become an actress and she is realizing it.

Ruchika says that if you work in the acting world, initially you feel nervous while working in front of the camera. At such times, when your colleagues or co-actors encourage you, your work increases with more enthusiasm and skill. If your director gives you the correct outline of acting and cooperates with you, then your work becomes easier. But the main responsibility is yours on how you hone your skills, because it is your work that is able to grab people’s attention. She says that she was lucky that she always had the support of a good team.

Ruchika Maheshwari tells that no matter what field a girl works in, she has to face good and bad people, in such a situation only your faith, courage and wisdom helps you. It is better to stay away from the street where you are not respected. Man’s aspirations never end, she always hopes for heights in his life. She keeps searching for the best but in this search one should not forget his roots.


Apart From Acting Ruchika Maheshwari Is Interested In Painting, Dancing, Travelling, Home Decoration, Poetry And Story Writing

Actress Jaswinder Gardner – The Power-House Actor On A Roll…

RUSLAAN – the much awaited release of this high-octane film is due but it has already become the  buzzword of Bollywood tinsel town.

Veteran and talented actress Jaswinder Gardner features in its cast opposite Telugu star Jagapathi Babu. Sushrii Mishra plays the female lead and is ably supported by Vidya Malavade. The film is directed by Karan lalit Butani and is bankrolled by K. K. Radhamohan under the banner of Srisathyasai Arts.

Confirming these developments, Jaswinder Gardner says, “It was such an honour and privilege to be part of this film and it’s wonderful cast and crew. She added that for an actor every project is unique and the experience one gains from them enriches an actor’s skill sets and helps them build slowly but surely their repertoire. The experience gained by her she adds during the filming of RUSLAN will always be very special and unmatched. This film has been mounted on a lavish and grand scale. The recently launched trailer garnered a fantastic response which is great going indeed. She shared that the film is slated for release – around the first half of 2024”

Known for her unconventional choices as an actor, Jaswinder Gardner has a way of making each character and the quirks and nuances that come with it –  come to life effortlessly to the call of ACTION!! from her director. Despite her passion towards her craft, she hasn’t allowed it to alienate her from the humdrum of day-to-day life. Having a healthy work-life balance is a priority for the actress including her commitment to family – her husband and two growing sons.

From a conscientious personal fitness journey to upping her fashion game Jaswinder is constantly reinventing herself.  Showcasing her acting prowess and bringing a myriad of characters to life is like cherry topping on the ice-cream of her performance she indulges her fans with. Taking a leap ahead the bankable actress adds,  “It is imperative that in every act you offer variety in your roles adding those different shades all the time. If you have nothing new to offer to your audience, they will lose interest and you will lose them. I genuinely feel that if you want to grow in life and in your acting career, then you have to incorporate tremendous energy into your personality. Energy that is fuelled by healthy critical introspection and self-evaluation and the desire to excel. These work as  checks and balances that keep you unwaveringly in sync with your vision and your goals. She adds – in all honesty I I have been always inspired by myself.”

It may be noted that earlier too, Jaswinder has been critically acclaimed for her performances in various roles in films like “Ready”, “Thank You”. “Rowdy Rathore”, “Shoot Out At Wadala” , “Pappu ki Pughdandi “ (which won many international awards ) amongst many others. And for the 1st historical webseries on OTT called “Chattrasal “ where she played a very powerful role as SARANDHA

Recently, Jaswinder Gardner was also seen portraying a very impactful character as MAINADEVI in the highly popular television show “SHIV SHAKTI ” aired on COLORS TV which stars RAM YASHVARDHAN, SUBAH RAJPUT as Shiv and Parvati. The show has held its position strongly as the number 1 show on Television.

Jaswinder’s performance as Mainavati touched the hearts of television audiences all across India and gained her huge popularity, appreciation, love and respect. With this spectacular performance she once again proved herself as a bankable actor who never misses an opportunity to surprise her fans with her impeccable work.

Apart from this, she has also featured in prominent roles in various other serials like “Khwaish”, “Kasam Se”, “”, “Razia Sultan”. “Suryaputra Karan”, “Dil Deke Dekho” , “ram siya ke luv Kush” , “Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn ka”, “Kaleerein” for which she was nominated as the best supporting actress for ITA awards in 2018 “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” and many more.

Over the years, Jaswinder has successfully donned many hats; beginning as a fashion designer to becoming a successful model with more than 600 commercials under her belt, fitness enthusiast, motivational speaker and an inspirational and talented actor. In the bargain she has bagged quite a number of awards.

With grit and determination Jaswinder Gardner has graciously moved ahead and is a power house of acting talent. Her accolades speak volumes for her body of work over the last 15-years.

She will also be soon seen in a LEAD ROLE in an upcoming series for WACHO opposite ASHMIT PATEL produced by Suresh Thomas of Crescendo Music and Films directed by Tarun Chopra and in a film for a prominent OTT platform “TOTA UDD MAINA UDD” produced by Shivam Jemin Enterprise and directed by RAJAN R VERMA.

She is really excited about it as she confessed that she has always wanted to do LEAD ROLES and was waiting for the right time and opportunity and finally by the Grace of God it has happened for her .

Undoubtedly, It will be a treat to watch her in these new roles as she creates magic on screen with her powerful and compelling performance.

There’s no doubt that this beautiful actress is a most promising, most bankable, most humble and easy to work with

To sum it up she is an adorable actor to watch out for as she exudes a simplistic down-to-earth raw freshness that is unique to her.


Actress Jaswinder Gardner  – The Power-House Actor On A Roll…