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Hazrun Shaikh An Actress As Well As A Successful Fitness Artist And Bikini Model

Presently she is an actress as well as a successful fitness artist and bikini model. Her acting can be seen in the South Indian film D Three.  She has done many acting projects and has also worked in Arabic music albums. Hazrun is the first female pilot and actress who represented India as a bikini model and has brought glory to India by winning many times.

She has defied many stereotypes and distorted thinking before transitioning from a successful pilot to a bikini and fitness model.  Hazrun is working not only in India but also at the international level and has been the winner of many awards. She has been a model of Playboy Magazine, Badshah and WBF, many international level. He has represented India in Gold IFFB.

Hazrun hails from Kiev, Ukraine but she is an Indian. She completed her education in Bangalore and received further education from Hyderabad.  Hazrun took pilot training in Mumbai and became a successful Indian pilot. Hazrun Sheikh was influenced by films since childhood, that is why she chose acting.

But after completing her education, when she became a pilot, seeing the episodes related to fitness and beauty, the thought came to her mind that whether it is films or work, fitness is very important in every field and it also helps the common man to stay healthy and look good. It is also important to keep your body shapely and healthy. Knowing the importance of fitness, Hazrun took a drastic step and presented herself to the world as a fitness model, bikini model and artist. This was a very tough and determined decision and after braving many storms, he hoisted the flag of success.

Hazrun Shaikh is making her mark in the country and abroad by working as a better model and is also making others aware about fitness.

How to make yourself fit in a very easy way, with less workout and without any side effects, they have also created some products so that anyone can make their health and body fit. Besides, after gaining information related to body structure and health, he has also created his own fitness product, using which everyone  can make themselves healthy and fit. She has her own brand named HBN Life which works in this direction. Hazrun Shaikh is working collaboratively not only with  Indian but also with foreign companies.

She is also going to launch an app related to fitness soon in which people will be able to get all the information easily. Hazrun Shaikh says that every person is influenced by business and glamor industry and learns from it. Everyone wants to keep themselves and their  surroundings attractive and perfect and we want to support them every moment in this step.

Hazrun Shaikh An Actress As Well As A Successful Fitness Artist And Bikini Model

Mukesh Modi’s Hindi Feature Film POLITICAL WAR Has Been Rejected By Censor Board Mumbai

Mukesh Modi’s Hindi feature film political war has been rejected by Censor board Mumbai. When Modi submitted the film on August 22, 2023 with the Title “2024 Election War” RO Mahesh Patil rejected the title by saying its “provocative” even without watching the film, Mr Modi requested RO Mahesh Patil to watch the film but he refused and forced to change the title. Mr. Modi changed to new title “Political War”, CBFC previewed the film on September 12, 2023 and RO Mr. Mahesh Patil sent the film to revise committee without giving any show cause notification. Mr. Modi had to wait for three months for revise committee to preview the film. As per the Censor board guidelines, the revised committee must see the film within 15 days but they took three months.

Revise  committee previewed the film on December 12, 2023, approximately 10 people watched the film, but they could not come with any decision. New RO Sayyid Rabeehashmi mentioned that the result will be on the portal within a day or two but until December 20, 2023 there was no result or report was posted on the portal. Mr. modi visited film division Mumbai on December 20, 2023 and met new RO Mr. Sayyid Rabeehashmi And asked why there is no report until now, Mr. Sayyid Rabeehashmi had no answer And he said I have sent the report to the chairman Mr. Prasoon Joshi and Mr. Joshi will give the report within a day or two. Mr. modi asked RO Sayyid Rabeehashmi are you sure that I will get the report within a day or two? Mr. Sayyud said he is not sure about that and he does not have any answer for that and he was really rude and said to Modi if you want to complain about us you can do so, Mr. modi had no choice, but to listen to him and then walk out and wait for the report after two days RO Sayyid Rabeehashmi rejected the film on December 22, 2023

Mr. Modi was really shocked when he saw the report on the portal the sensor board did not suggest any cut any editing they simply rejected the entire film. Mr. Modi says he does not understand how come the Censor board approves so many dirty non-cultural, violence, anti-religious films like animal, adhipurush, PK and many more but they did not approve Political War which is bringing the awareness to the Indian audience how the external power is trying to break India with the help of some corrupt leaders giving the message that Indian culture believes in unity in diversity and universe is one family.

This film is an eye-opening for community so they can understand how the external power is trying to break India by dividing community on their religious. This film is giving message to the community that we must be united and we should not fight with each other. This film is also motivating the community to vote for the good leaders.

Mr. Modi is an NRI who cares about India and Indians. He says that he has spent a lots of money and time to make this film, he has sacrificed more than 18 months, his business, his family life and also lost a lot of money due to traveling and staying away from home. By rejecting this film by Cencer board, he says I’m not sure if I’m going to invest again in India, or make film in India Mr. Modi is a Hollywood director and producer made award-winning film “The Elevator”starring Oscar nominee Eric Roberts. Mr. Modi also says there could be many producers and directors who might be suffering from the Censor board of their non-performance activities and delaying the process. Mr. Modi says as he can’t release the film in the Theatre due to this he will lose lots of money, and asking who will be responsible for it? He is requesting to Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi to concentrate and take care of this important department, and also film industry as people are getting influenced by films. It’s really important the Censor board to approve the appropriate films which will help over Indian culture community and Indians. Film is a soft power which can educate or destroy the community. It’s up to the Censor board that what kind of content they approve I request Mr. Narendra ji Modi – the Prime Minister of India to appoint, smart and educated people to take care of the Censor board department As Film is one of the big source to give message to audience.


The Indian election is coming up and corrupt politicians are raising funds from outsiders who are not  aligned with the agenda of growing India into a prosperous nation. Politicians will go to any extent to win  the election – lie to people, create fear, provoke them on the basis of fake news – which you will all  witness in Political War. The film is a political fiction story where we get to see the corrupt side of politics  starring Seema Biswas, Rituparna Sengupta, Milind Gunaji, Shishir Sharma, Prashant Narayan, Aman  Verma, Abhay Bhargav, JitenMukhi, Prithvi Zutshi, Subhashis Chakraborty, Dev Sharma, Kanan  Malhotra, GaurvalAmlani, Ravi Sharma, Sweety Walia, Anu Sharma, Twinkle Saini, Arun Bakshi, Bill  Mcandrew, Isaac Platizky and many more.

Synopsis of “Political War”

When India became an Independent Nation in 1947, it granted great power to each man and woman – power of ‘right to vote’ and a right to select their leader. Leaders are to serve the best interests of the  nation and its citizens. They are the hope of a better life and future. However, with passing of time, some  politicians changed the meaning of politics.

Present politics turned out to be a battle- “A Battle for a Throne”. Some politicians today want to enjoy  authority over people while collecting loads of wealth during their reign. “Political War” is showcasing a story for the 2024 Indian election of how conspiracies are made in  country and how foreign support is taken to turn citizens against their own nation while putting the  country at stake.

How are the elections today turning out to be a “war?” “Political War” will reveal the answers to these questions!

Our Objective

* Motivate the Community to Vote

* Expose Corrupt Politicians

* Expose Corrupt Foreign Resources

* India believes Unity in Diversity.

*  The Universe is one family


Disclaimer: The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of Our Website Or our Editors. We  does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same. It Is By News Source From PR Agency.

Nexmoney MD Abhishek Kumar Burman Honored With Social Welfare And Growth Award

Abhishek Kumar Burman, MD, NexMoney (NexGen Inventive Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.) honored with Social Welfare and Growth Award for entrepreneurial excellence and digital transformation for transforming the economic condition of Indians and creating Nexprenuers (opportunity to become self-reliant) across India through his digital application called NexMoney.  He was given this award by Shri Rajnath Singh, Defense Minister, Government of India, Shri Eknath Shinde, Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Sudhir Mungantiwar, Minister of Current Affairs, Forest and Fisheries, Government of Maharashtra on 09 December 2023 at the Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai. Other winners of this award organized by CSR Journal are Dr. Kumar Vishwas, Yuvraj Singh, Aamir Khan, Padmashree Dr. Ravindra and Dr. Smita Kolhe, Dr. Shrikant Shinde, Bhumi Pednekar, Mithali Raj, Suhani Shah etc, who have been recognized in their respective fields awarded for their contribution.

Apart from this, award winners from various corporates include Coca Cola, Reliance, Ashoka Buildcon, MSRDC, Mahagenco, MMRDA Aakshya etc.

The jury members for this award included different IAS and retired IAS officers like J S Bhatia, Ajit Kumar Jain, Nidhi Chaudhary etc.

Nexmoney MD Abhishek Kumar Burman Honored With Social Welfare And Growth Award

FIRE OF LOVE=RED Releasing On 5th Jan. 2024 Starring Krushna Abhishek – Payal Ghosh, Directed By Ashok Tyagi

New year gift by Avanti Prajakta Arts is ‘Fire of love=RED’ ( UA censor certification) starring Krushna Abhishek, Payal Ghosh, Kanchan , Abhijeet Shwetchandra, Kamlesh Sawant , Bharat Dabholkar, Aroon Bakshi , Shantanu Bhamare, Amol Bawdankar, Mukesh Tyagi and Priyanka Tiwari, written and directed by Ashok Tyagi, ‘Fire of love RED is produced by Rajeev Chaudhari , Rekha Surendra Jagtap and Jagannath Waghmare and directed by Ashok Tyagi. It is co-produced by Shantanu Bhamare.

The highlight of ‘Fire of love=Red’ is Krushna Abhishek who plays the role of an angry psycho killer.

Avantika Patil is presenting the theatrical release under Avantika AP Arts.

Eminent Artist D. S. Rane Showing His Paintings Exhibition INNER VOICE In Jehangir

From: 26th December 2023 to 1st January 2024


Solo show of Paintings by eminent artist D. S. Rane


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road,

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm.

Contact: +91 9820169196

Solo show of paintings “INNER VOICE” by esteemed artist D. S. Rane. From December 26, 2023, to January 1, 2024, witness the captivating display of Rane’s distinctive artworks at AC Gallery No.1, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.

S. Rane, born in Talera (Maharashtra) in 1952, presents a collection that delves into the depths of his subconscious, unearthing human forms with a rustic quality. Unlike photographic realism, Rane’s stylized canvases exude vibrancy reminiscent of frescoes, showcasing a universal appeal transcending geographical boundaries.

Rane’s figures, with a touch of innocence, transport viewers into a visual poetry reminiscent of miniatures. His artistic journey, marked by faultless draughtsmanship, began with a 1st Class in G.D. Art, Mumbai, in 1977, followed by several successful solo shows at Jehangir Art Gallery and beyond. He had more than 100 solo and group exhibitions in India & abroad.

Rane has won many national and international awards in his artistic journey from last four decades. His paintings have been exhibited in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, London etc. He has successfully participated in the camp organized by Lalit Kala Akademi. The collection of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi includes Rane’s paintings. Also, his paintings are included in the collections of galleries in Paris, Singapore. His paintings are in private collections at India, Hongkong, Sydney, UK, US, Canada, Paris, W. Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, UAE, Italy etc.

The artist’s ability to experiment and innovate with structure and forms positions D. S. Rane is a highly individualistic artist. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the unique world of “INNER VOICE” at Jehangir Art Gallery, a testament to Rane’s artistic evolution.


Eminent Artist D. S. Rane Showing His Paintings Exhibition INNER VOICE In Jehangir

Combine Exhibition of paintings ‘Mantrakshare’, ‘Bhakti and Shakti’ by artists Subhash Jamdade & Suresh Gosavi in Jehangir

From: 26th December 2023 to 1st January 2024

An Exhibition of Paintings by well-known artists Subhash Jamdade & Suresh Gosavi


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road,

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm.

Contact: +91 9422516816, 9096615282

Painter and Calligrapher Mr. Subhash Jamdade’s ‘Mantrakshare’ and painter Shri. Suresh Gosavi’s  ‘Bhakti and Shakti’ a combined exhibition of paintings from 26 th December, 2023 to1st January, 2024. is being held at ‘Jehangir Art Gallery’  Fort, Mumbai.400001

The show was inaugurated on 26th December 2023 by Dr. Pallavi Darade (Commissioner of Income Tax, Mumbai)

Both the painters are from Pune and both had studied art from Abhinav Art College, Pune.Till date, both of them have had many solo exhibitions in Pune and Mumbai.

Subhash Jamdade is known as a calligrapher. To create a picture (painting) from calligraphy.  He is constantly doing art experiments. This time he spoke on spirituality and worship mantras in Hindu culture Amazing works of art have been realized through creative inventions of Omkar and Gayatri Mantra. The visual experience mesmerizes the viewer and takes him to a higher spiritual level.  Artistic composition of letter-forms, calligraphic background, colour scheme, texture in painting, illustration, Light & Shadows, dynamism create energetic devotional vibrations in the mind while viewing the artwork. ‘Omkar’ is a universal sacred sound in its pictorial universe form in space invisible & Positive energy is experienced. A wonderful abstract form of Lord Ganesha in the painter’s unique style While watching, one feels the invention of consciousness.

Suresh Gosavi is an ardent devotee of painting. He who forgets everything and gets absorbed in devotion The mind gets peace and it gives a new hope and energy, we can call it Shakti.To move from depression to concentration, from happiness to contentment requires devotion and faith In any form. This is confirmed by Suresh Gosavi’s picture series ‘Bhakti & Shakti’.The form of curiosity and innocence is children, the form of devotion is Varkari, the form of power is Mahakaya Elephants, unique forms of Gods and Goddesses in shrines from simple arrangement of many symbolic elements A devotional, pleasant and introspective experience while watching the paintings through effective colouring  gets All artists should have this experience.


Combine Exhibition of paintings ‘Mantrakshare’, ‘Bhakti and Shakti’ by artists Subhash Jamdade & Suresh Gosavi in Jehangir

DPIAF – Bharat Gaurav Iconic Award, Minister – MP – MLA Gold Award & DPIAF – Iconic Award Delhi By Kalyanji Jana, Founder and Chief of DPIAF – NGO on 24th Jan 2024 at NDMC Auditorium, Delhi.

All these shows are being organized at NDMC Auditorium, Jantar Mantar, New Delhi,

DPIAF- Bharat Gaurav Iconic Award 2024, Minister – MP – MLA Gold Award 2024 & DPIAF – Iconic Award Delhi, Award show is being Organized by Kalyanji Jana, Founder and Chief of DPIAF NGO, on 24 January 2024 in NDMC Auditorium new Delhi. Poster of this award show is being inauguration by RSS. Well-known leader Shri Indresh Kumar ji, Government of India Cabinet Minister Shri Purshotam Rupala ji, Minister Bharat Sarkar state Shri Ramdas Athavale ji, Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste ji, Deputy Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Shri Arun Sao ji, NDMC – Vice Chairman Shri Satish Upadhyay ji, Most Revered Sadguru Shri Riteshwar ji Guruji, Bijnor MP Shri Malook Nagar ji, Shri Sangh Priya Rahul ji, Guru ji of Jain Dr. Acharya Lokesh Muni ji, President of Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah Syed Afsar Ali Nizami ji, Businessman and social worker Shri Gautam Puri ji fashion designer and businessman Shri Pradeep Kumar ji, Anmol film chairman Shri Madan Das Ji, builder and businessman Shri Sumit Singh Ji, satellite news channel Navtej TV Chairman Shri Rohit Tiwari ji,  inaugurated by the hands of all the dignitaries and everyone was felicitated, the founder and president of the Organization and the Organizer of the program Kalyanji Jana, National President (Women) and Global President Ankita Bambulkar Jana, National President Dr. ( Hon) Gaurav Anil Shah, National Advisor Shri BN Tiwari ji, Shri Shyam Jaju ji, Former MP Dr. Sunil Gaikwad ji, Shiv Aryan ji,

National speaker and advisor Shilpa Chauhan ji,

National Vice President Shri Parag Sompura ji, Dipti Sampura ji, Delhi Mahila President Aarti Kumar ji,

National vice president shri Zakariya Lakadawala ji,

National vice president Shri Suraj Mate ji, Creative head DPIAF- Mahesh bhai ji,

Assam State President Shri Load Das ji, Delhi Youth President shri Madan Das ji, National Vice  President Dr Varun Gupta ji, Maharashtra State Media Head MQ Khan ji.

DPIAF- team members, we all invite you to make this beautiful award show successful you all take part, thank you very much dance master my Guruji Bijon Devnath ji whose students and their parents gave me a very beautiful honor, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to Bijon’s Dance Academy.


DPIAF – Bharat Gaurav Iconic Award, Minister – MP – MLA Gold Award & DPIAF – Iconic Award Delhi By Kalyanji Jana, Founder and Chief of DPIAF – NGO on 24th Jan 2024 at NDMC Auditorium, Delhi.

Composer And Singer Sanjayraj Gaurinandan Is Also Welknown As SRG In The Film Industry

Working in the world of music for more than thirty years. Seeing his Dedication towards music, Mathadhipati of Nashik Dattayogi  Swami Anna Guruji Maharaj Ji Honored him with the title of ‘Pandit’. He has also been awarded and honored with the title of Doctorate.

However, he has received many awards, honors and titles. The song ‘Om Gan Ganpataye Namo Namah’, sung in the voice of Amitabh Bachchan, has been written and composed by Sanjayraj Gaurinandan, which continues to resonate in every temple and home today. SRG says that when the song was recorded, he felt extremely happy and proud and at the same time there was a regret that his father had passed away and  he also had this sadness in his mind that he wished his father could have seen this unforgettable moment and passed away on his son. Be proud.

Hanuman Chalisa sung in one breath by Shankar Mahadevan ji, the music of that song is also composed by SRG. Till now Shankar Mahadevan ji has  decorated many of his songs with his voice. SRG has produced more than 6000+ pieces of music till date and will continue to enthrall the listeners with his music in future also. Sanjayraj Gaurinandan says that no one can remain untouched by the magic of music, hence no matter what age a person is, he should listen to only those songs which are beneficial for him.

Recently SRG has given his music in Babubhatt ji’s Marathi film ‘Lai Jhakkas’. There are five songs in this film. The vocals in this music are of Sachin Pilgaonkar, Sadhana Sargam, Sudesh Bhosle, Vidula Gauri, Neha Rajpal, Vaishali Maade, Geetika Manjrekar Kulkarni and SRG himself. These songs have been created incorporating different genres like comedy, romance, happiness, party and excitement.

Sanjayraj Gaurinandan got the knowledge of music from his father’s legacy in his childhood. The knowledge of rhythm was given to him by his father. He also received music lessons from Anna Dhamankar ji and Nizamuddin Khan ji. Has taken singing and tabla-dholak lessons from Anup Jalota, Suresh Wadekar, Prem Vasant, Mohindrajit Singh ji and Pandurang Chauhan ji. He has many upcoming projects which will be his musical gift to the listeners and viewers. Also,  his music in the upcoming Hindi film ‘Doctor Keshavrao Hedgewar’ (Jayanand Shetty) will also echo the conventions of history. Sanjayraj Gaurinandan has given every type of music,  among which his mantra bhajan series and romantic songs have also been more successful in mesmerizing people.

Many famous singers have spread the magic of their voices in his music, the main names of which are Asha Bhosle, Mahendra Kapoor, Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam, Kumar Sanu, Anuradha Paudwal, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Alka Yagnik, Sadhna Sargam, Usha Mangeshkar, Mohammad Aziz, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Javed Ali, Javed Bashir, Ravindra Sathe, Anupama Deshpande and other singers of the new generation.

Thanking his family and friends.

Composer And Singer Sanjayraj Gaurinandan Is Also Welknown As SRG In The Film Industry

M4M (Motive for Murder) Hindi Film Title Teaser launched in Mumbai by Producer Director KC Bokadia, Director Mohan Vadlapatla, Heroine Jo Sharma USA, Hero Sambeet Acharya & Guest Rakesh Sabharwal

Producer Mohan Vadlapatla turned as a director with the movie M4M (Motive for Murder). Popular American Actress Jo Sharma (USA) is the lead actress, and Odisha Super Star Sambeet Acharya is playing the lead role in this movie. Mohan Vadlapatla, Jo Sharma, and Rahul Adabala provided the story for this movie jointly produced by Mohan Media Creations and Jo Sharma McWin Group USA. Star Producer Dil Raju launched the title teaser of this film in Telugu.

The Hindi title teaser of this film was launched grandly on 20th December 2023 at Hopup in Mumbai where renowned producer director KC Bokadia, Well Wisher Rakesh Sabarwal and Film Gadar 2 Fame actor Gaurav Chopra were present as the chief guests. Everyone appreciated the teaser of the film which arouses curiosity among audience. Many guests including Kumar Mohan and celebrity manager Seema Bundhela were present on this occasion.

M4M movie will be promoted and released in 5 languages, especially in Bollywood and Tollywood in India and USA. This film is excellently edited by Anand Pawan. Music by outstanding Vasanth. Santosh Shanamoni as great cameraman.

Cast : Jo Sharma(Lead Actress) (USA), Sambeet Acharya(Lead Actor)

Technical Crew:

Banner: Mohan Media Creations, Jo Sharma McWin Group USA

Story: Mohan Vadlapatla, Jo Sharma, Rahul Adabala

Screenplay & Direction: Mohan Vadlapatla

Music: Vasanth Isaipettai

DOP: Santosh Shanamoni

Editing: Pawan Anand, DI: Digi Quest, VFX: Pavan, Sound Designer: Sagar

Bombay PRO: Wonder Web World Lucky.

Direction Dept: Rahul Adabala, Hari Kishan, Subhash Siripelli

Special Thanks: producer Director Rakesh Sabharwal, Subhalekha Sudhakar, SNS Vasu, Gorav Agarwal, Manish, Sridhar Chillara, Sanga Kumar, Hari Kishan, PLK Reddy.


M4M (Motive for Murder) Hindi Film Title Teaser launched in Mumbai by Producer Director KC Bokadia, Director Mohan Vadlapatla, Heroine Jo Sharma USA, Hero Sambeet Acharya & Guest Rakesh Sabharwal

आईपीएल में कोलकाता नाइट राइडर्स की टीम में गेंदबाजी करते दिखेंगे दिखेंगे बाहर के साकिब हुसैन

राकेश कुमार तिवारी में अध्यक्ष बनने से बिहार क्रिकेट एसोसिएशन की स्थिति में काफी सुधार हुआ है। कम संसाधनों में भी यहाँ के बच्चों का परफॉर्मेंस काफी उम्दा है। बिहार में प्रतिभावान खिलाड़ियों की तरक्की में अब पैसा रोड़ा नही बनेगा। उक्त बातें बिहार में तेज गेंदबाज साकिब हुसैन ने पटना में बीसीए की तरफ से आयोजित प्रेस वार्ता सम्मेलन में कही। बिहार के साकिब आईपीएल में केकेआर की तरफ से फास्ट गेंदबाज के रूप में दिखेंगे। शुक्रवार को बीसीए ( बिहार क्रिकेट एसोसिएशन) की ओर से आयोजित प्रेस वार्ता सम्मेलन का आयोजन किया गया । प्रेस वार्ता सम्मेलन में बीसीए के सीईओ मनीष राज,जीएम क्रिकेट ऑपरेशन सुनील कुमार व फ़ास्ट बॉलर साकिब हुसैन ने मीडिया को संबोधित किया।

अपने संबोधन में साकिब हुसैन के कहा कि बीसीए के चेयरमैन राकेश तिवारी सर के सहयोग से मैं आज यहाँ तक पहुच पाया हूँ। अपने क्रिकेट के सफर के बारे में बताया कि कैसे वे अत्यन्त ही साधारण परिवार से होते हुए भी आज एक अंतरराष्ट्रीय मंच पर परफॉर्मेंस करेंगे।  अपने शहर गोपालगंज में  क्रिकेट खेला करते थें। एक बार राकेश सर का गोपालगंज  आये हुए थें और मुझे खेलते देखा और मेरे खेल की तारीफ की। उनसे मिलने पर उन्होंने मेरा काफी हौंसला बढ़ाया और बोले तुझमे काफी प्रतिभा है तुम खेल पर ध्यान दो , पैसे का अभाव तुम्हारे कैरियर में बाधा नही बनेगा तब से लेकर आज तक उन्होंने हर कदम पर मेरा हौसला बढ़ाया और अच्छा करने के लिए हमेशा मुझे प्रेरित किया। आज मै जहाँ पहुंचा है इसके राकेश सर जी का बड़ा योगदान है। उनके सहयोग से ही मैं एक छोटे शहर से लेकर IPL जैसे प्रतिष्ठीत स्तर तक पहुंच पाया हूँ।

साकिब आगे कहते हैं मेरा बिहार के सभी प्रतिभावान खेलाड़ियों से कहना  है कि वे पूरे मनोयोग से खेलें और अपना ध्यान खेल पर ही बनाये रखे । प्रतिभायें कभी छुपती नहीं है और एक दिन उसकी पहचान होकर रहती है। जिस तरह से मेरे परिश्रम को Bca ने पहचाना है और विभिन्न स्तर पर मुझे खेलने का अवसर दिया है उसी तरह अन्य खिलाडियों को भी  परिश्रम एवं प्रतिभा को bca के द्वारा पहचान एवम सहयोग मिलेगा। साकिब ने आगे बताया कि राकेश तिवारी सर के अध्यक्ष बनने के बाद सीमित संसाधनों के बादजूद बिहार में क्रिकेट  का खूब विस्तार हुआ है जिसका परिणाम साकिब उल गनी का वर्ल्ड रिकॉर्ड, वैभव श्रीवास्तव का भारतीय टीम में चयन होना और मेरा आईपीएल में चयन होना एक उदाहरण है। साकिब ने आगे बताया एक बार मैं खेल के दौरान घायल हो गया था जिसमे इंजरी होने के बाद राकेश सर ने अपने खर्चे से मेरा इलाज करवाया और आगे कभी पैसे का अभाव नही होने दिया। मेरा चयन nca के कैम्प के लिए बीसीए द्वारा किया गया इसके पश्चात मुझे हाई परफॉर्मेंस कैम्प में लिया गया जिससे मेरे खेल में काफी सुधार हुआ है। गोपालगंज के एक गरीब परिवार में जन्मे साकिब आज बिहार के कई खिलाडियों के लिए हैं प्रेरणास्त्रोत।

बीसीए के सीईओ मनीष राज ने कहा बिहार के प्रतिभावान खिलाड़ियों के लिए बीसीए सदैव तत्पर है। आर्थिक परेशानी अब किसी भी खिलाड़ियों के रास्ते का रोड़ा नही बनेगा। एसोसिएशन साकिब के उज्ज्वल भविष्य की कामना करता है और ये अपने माता पिता और देश का नाम विश्व मे रौशन करें। शाकिब की बॉलिंग बहुत ही जबरदस्त है कई मायने में ये एक खास बॉलर हैं।

आईपीएल में कोलकाता नाइट राइडर्स की टीम में गेंदबाजी करते दिखेंगे दिखेंगे बाहर के साकिब हुसैन