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Jun 2, 2021

Mumbai: Every person in this world is just like a fountain of colors. Like nature adapting to climatic trends each individual keeps on changing with differential moods, whims and fancies. The different colors are associated with our feelings and emotions and its each role should be clearly defined. Life should also be colorful added with charm and harmony making it more vibrant and joyful. Celebration is the nature of the spirit. If sacredness is attached to a celebration, it’s not just body and mind but also the spirit that celebrates; thus making life colorful.

Religion and spirituality hold a significant place in Indian culture – a land of divinity; which is laid on the foundation of its beliefs and values. The nation has been known for its spirituality from the past several centuries. Spirituality comes from realization, an understanding of the self and that of the surroundings. Humans are here for a purpose that is more blissful than the material gains we enjoy. However, the purpose is often lost into oblivion and these divine spiritual leaders are the only ones who are in a constant endeavor to help the community realize their true calling in life.

The Indian territory has always been flooded with such great personalities. From Swami Vivekananda, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Adi Shankara, Guru Nanak,  Jaggi Vasudev to Srila Prabhupada, Ram Krishna Param Hansa, Dhirendra Brahmachari, Osho Rajneesh, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Mata Amritanandamayi, Sister Shivani, Sadhvi Ritambhara, Ramdev Baba amongst many others who commanded huge following at home and overseas too. Apart from the ordinary people the devotees includes politicians, bureaucrats, film and cricket stars. These eternal personalities or gurus  are also successful entrepreneurs and run massive business empires, selling traditional medicines, health products, yoga classes and spiritual therapies.

The gurus also believe in “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) by investing in communities by helping the poor and downtrodden and also caring for the environment. They even run schools, colleges and hospitals. Some gurus are adept at yoga; while others are better known for their discourses. Joining the ranks is this young, charismatic and influential spiritual guru, SRI SRI SANTOSHI BABA a.k.a SRI JAGATGURU.

Hailing from Uttarkhand, SRI SRI SANTOSHI BABA a.k.a SRI JAGATGURU was found of meditation from a tender age. He completed his graduation in B.Com from Nainital in 2006 and in the same year bagged a gold medal in ‘Astrology’ and ‘Energy Therapy’. He shifted to Delhi and worked in a bank. Coming from a Brahmin family, he was influenced by spiritualism and thus quit his job after two months of service. He was able to recite the holy book, Bhagavad Gita and through astrology and energy therapy solved the strife of the people who reached out to him. Followers flocked in huge numbers and found his presence blissful. With the blessings of “Mata Rani” he ventured into the forest for ‘Sadhana’. For days altogether he went without food and water and came back enlightened. Finally in 2013 in a ‘Kumbh Mela’ he was bestowed with the title of ‘Jagatguru’. His motivational speeches, pursuit of happiness, scientific reasoning drew a lot of young generation people as their ‘spiritual guru’.

Sri Sri Santoshi Baba a.k.a Jagatguru programmes and discourses have customized the modern needs and helped millions across the world experience stress relief and a state of calm, well-being and happiness. Apart from teaching yoga with its health benefits especially on flexibility and strength including mental benefits to tuning on the will power to direct energy for a desired goal, concentration on gaining success and not giving it to distractions, a valuable tool in visualization and positive attitude with spiritual value and lifting energy and consciousness.

Sri Sri Santoshi Baba enlightening on the subject says, “All scriptures talks about happiness and that is everyone’s ultimate quest. It is not what we own or don’t… Be determined and you are the only responsible for happiness. It is simply our state of mind. Your life gets divinely enlivened when you begin your day with laughter and love. Laughter coming from the core of our heart permeates every cell in the body. When life blooms from within, then there is true laughter akin godliness.  It is a true prayer that gives evolution and growth.”

The spiritual guru further says, “Breathing exercise, meditation, relaxation is most important. Meditation is an experience of joy where you transcend all desires. It brings coolness and overhauls complexities of the whole body and mind.”

Highlighting the pandemic rise in most parts of the country, the guru said, “We have everything in this modernized world We do have a wonderful growth in our lifestyle with no limits to educational standard, social gathering, exploring, experiencing and celebrating life. The coronavirus has put a spanner to the ambition and added frustration and confusion. People have to opt for yoga and meditation and enjoy a stress free life. Apart from allopathy medicines, they should go for ayurveda.”

Sri Jagatguru is operating “Aarogyam Shakti” – the pure power of Ayurvedic medicines. The factory is situated at Sonipat, Haryana (India) and have a distinctive and various range of ayurvedic products which are certified by the GMP, ISO, VEGAN, NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS, 100 PERCENT NATURAL, 100 PERCENT PREMIUM QUALITY, NATURAL PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION CERTIFED. The products are fully herbal and are free from synthetic chemicals and artificial colors. Their ayurvedic medicines over the years have been proving really effective in treating diabetes, High BP, Arthritis, Asthma, Piles, Hyper Acidity, Immunity Booster, Cosmetic Problems and many more. They also have juices, spices, face wash, shampoo, soap, detergents, cream, poojan samagri  too.

Their other ventures include Sri Sri Santoshi Baba Ashram, Shri Guru Sharnam Gaushala, Aarogyam Shakti Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Divine Art Foundation, Aarogyam Shakti Outlets, Shri Gurusharnam International School, Divine Home (Old Age Home) and Shri Gurusharnam Naturopathy and Panchkarma Center.

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